View Full Version : Chekhov Short Story Quotes

03-25-2009, 07:10 PM
I have a few great Chekhov quotes in a notebook and have no clue what stories they are from. I know by the notebook that they are from his stories, not his plays.

The variations in translations makes this more difficult. Perusing his collections has yielded nothing so far. Similiarly, all internet searches came up dry. Some of the passages were more or less obvious, particularly ones with key details and words/phrases that jogged my memory.

Here are a few tough ones:

ďIím surrounded by nothing but vulgarity, nothing but boring, insignificant people, pots of sour cream, jugs of milk, cockroaches, stupid women... Thereís nothing more terrible, more damaging to oneís pride, more depressing than vulgarity. I must run away from here, escape today, or Iíll go mad.Ē

ďYou have only one life to live and it mustnít be wronged.Ē

ďI donít care about anything! Why didnít we take thought for our child?Ē

Does anyone know what stories these come from? Iím at a loss. Thanks!