View Full Version : Write a Really Cheesy Love Poem

Cellar Door
03-08-2009, 12:10 PM
All right, all right... I know everyone's got them. They start out serious and slowly denigrate into swiss, or perhaps cheddar. I'm talking about the cheesy love poem, so here's mine:

Symmetry of Cereal

By the time I rise
and shrug on consciousness like a bathrobe
You have two bowls and two spoons
contemplating eternity at 5 in the morning
I stumble to the chair
while you pour the cereal
You love how I'm always
a bit crabby in the morning
Soy for me
and whole for you
Our dueling milks
join in the debate
while we just sit enjoying
our asymptomatic silences
as you crunch your cereal
and I slurp my milk
You finish before me
and hold my spoonless hand
While I crunch alone,
and I am as whole
as the grains in my cereal

Baby, if bad poetry was dollar bills, we wouldn't want for nothing