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02-25-2009, 10:09 PM
Part of the decription for the best book in the world!!!

The Truth:
Wonderland is real. Alyss Heart is the heir to the throne, until her murderous aunt Redd steals the crown and kills Alyss's parents. To escape Redd, Alyss and her bodyguard, Hatter Madigan, must flee to our world through the pool of tears. But in the pool Alyss and Hatter are seperated. Lost and alone in Victorian London, Alyss is befriended by an aspiring author, to whom she tells the violent, heartbreaking story of her young life. Yet he gets the story all wrong. Hatter Madigan knows the truth only too well, and he is searching every corner of our world to find the lost princess and return her to Wonderland so she may battle Redd for her rightful place as the Queen of Hearts.

-"The Looking Glass Wars" by Frank Beddor

best book in the world!!! The description could not even cover a millionth of it's complete awesomeness!!! READ THIS BOOK!! and the sequel... "Seeing Redd" and the Hatter M comic :] haha. They're all awesome