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02-24-2009, 04:24 PM
Introduction: "Villette" is my second (to "Jane Eyre") favorite book by Charlotte Bronte. It is a kind of difficult and sad, but deep book (not without some comical scenes). The first time I read it, I remember that I was half-way through the book and I was suffering from the agonizing lack of plot so much, that although I like Charlotte Bronte's writing, I stopped to ask myself "Why am I reading this?". And then it was, as if I had felt a tip in my shoulder from Charlotte herself and I knew the answer. She seemed to say to me "If you who are just a reader can't bear Lucy Snowe's life, how is she to bear it that has to live it?". And I hastened to read what became of her. In that way it is a very clever book that makes you live the experience of her heroine (whom I like no matter how secretive she becomes sometimes). So, I have grown to love Villette very much and I think that in the future it may even surpass my love for Jane Eyre. I certainly esteem it very much, but then again Jane Eyre is such a wonderland and gives you such a strong feeling of love and everlasting happiness that you enjoy just dwelling on that.

To the point now: In 2007 Diane Rehm of the WAMU 88,5 FM made a "Reader's Review" about Villette inviting three university professors to comment on the book. I think that such events are pretty rare, so I made a video in youtube with their conversation, using pictures of Charlotte's life as a background. For anyone interested the address is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzgC4eBJ0Vs or just type "ksotikoula" to see it.

I would be happy to discuss with you their review or any other opinions about this book or it's connection with Charlotte's life.