View Full Version : The wife of bath's tale --space/place

12-04-2008, 10:43 AM
I need to find examples of Space and Place within the Wife of Bath's Tale

Space being what is unknown to the characters (geographical areas or knowledge)

Place being what is known, again geographical or knowledge.

For The Wife of Bath'a tale:

So far i have that the knight will not leave the kingdom because the surrounding area is space, and he will lose his knighthood.
That the kingdom he lives in is place.

the knowledge of what women want is space. and when he learns that women want control over their husbands that becomes place.

And that the future is space, since it is unknown. Even though the wife promises fidelity and beauty if it will last this is unknown (space)

Can you please help me find more examples? I need to write a 6 page essay.