View Full Version : Applications of "The Prince" Throughout History: Please help!

08-29-2008, 11:23 AM
Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone could help me in coming up with a few applications of The Prince throughout history after the work was written. Anything social, political or civil is fine.

for example, I've noted that some slightly secularized ideals within the prince could have possibly influenced the front-runners during the Protestant Reformation (i.e. Jan Hus and John Calvin).

I need at least ten examples of such application of this work throughout history, so any help is appreciated :)

12-01-2008, 03:38 PM
Machiavelli can even be related to modern day history, if you take in mind to translate his medieval figures of power into modern day by way of metaphors.

Machiavelli talks often in the Prince how it is often important, in order for one to stay in power to favor the more powerful group, instead of the group that is more populated. This can directly be related to the AIG fiasco in the U.S. The more powerful group being the top bank CEOs. The president of the United States had to immediately give a blank check for 500 billion dollars if they wanted any hope of a republican congress. "The Prince" that Machiavelli talks about often in this book is in modern day U.S, a political party.

Things are not as dramatic as they were in those days with the townspeople revolting every time they were displeased. What has replaced that is the people switching parties and voting for the other political party, the modern day equivalent of revolting against the prince.

Of course this is a loose comparison, but I think it could justify itself with some finagling.