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08-12-2008, 06:34 PM
Hi everybody I will like to know WHY William Shakespeare wrote this novel?

09-07-2008, 12:33 PM
Why did Shakespeare write this play entitled "As You Like It" ? Fascinating question, perhaps impossible to answer, to everyone's satisfaction. We do well to find our own answers to questions. Sometimes that means finding out what the experts say. If that does not satisfy, what then? There was a time when such a question actually did occur to me. I remember rummaging around my mother's attic, one day, what with nothing else to do. At some point, after looking at my father's stamp collection, I turned to boxes of books. In one of those boxes, I found a Wm Randolph Hearst edition of "As You Like It" by William Shakespeare, what with a foreward by Israel Gollanz, the celebrated contributor to the Oxford English Dictionary series. In his foreward, Mr. Gollanz outlined a time frame of ten days during which the play transpires. This reminded me of something that I had read. What was it? Well, the question becomes why does Shakespeare cite Marlowe in this play? And thinking of Marlowe, was there not a warrant issued by the Court of Star Chamber, May 18th, 1593, to request Henry Maunder, the Queen's Household Messenger, to fetch Marlowe by looking for him at the Kent estate of Thomas Walsingham? Yes, I believe there was, and Maunder did fetch him from said estate, and returned him May 20th whereupon Marlowe was indemnified, and instructed to appear daily before his Lordships until licensed to the contrary. And ten days later, per the Queen's Household Coroner's findings, William Danby, the coroner, Marlowe lay dead in Widow Eleanor Bull's Tavern in Debtford on the Stronde. But does any of this have anything to do with why Shakespeare wrote "As You Like It" ? Perhaps.

12-02-2008, 02:39 AM
It is typically an indefinite question to say "Why did you..?", but your answer probably lies in money. His background as a middle class citizen, family back home, and flourishing "extracurricular life" lead to a great desire for money. He needed to write a play people would pay money to see, hence the light-hearted pastoral. One must also remember, he needed to take a stab at that pastoral craze that was so popular by city-dwellers. Try to keep in mind it is indeed a play, not a novel, the difference between the two is almost vast enough to reply to your question. The novel, a work with a focus on character over situation, didn't even really become popular until later that century- even then it was considered a flighty "woman's literature."

12-05-2008, 07:17 AM
Yes, I have heard this kind of response many times. I thank -you for taking the time to answer. And I encourage to consider "As You Like It" as not only a play. It is a part of a vision that Shakespeare paints, a vision that has to do, for example, with such statements in the sonnets as "You still shall live", in sonnet 81, and "your frown" in sonnet 117, and so on. Thanks again, and have a great day.