View Full Version : "Flowery Language?"

07-26-2008, 01:16 PM
I was reading some reviews on the internet of Rose in Bloom. One said that the last paragraph in the book made her gag because it was too "flowery and sentimental".This is the paragraph: "Please God, we will!" he answered fervently and, looking at her as she stood there in the spring sunshine, glowing with the tender happiness, high hopes, and earnest purposes that make life beautiful and sacred, he felt that now the last leaf had folded back, the golden heart lay open to the light, and his Rose had bloomed."

I dont think its to flowery or anything I think its sweet and besides thats just her way of writing. Do you guys think Alcotts writing is too flowery cuz I dont. Tell me what you think.

04-19-2009, 06:22 PM
How can someone think it is "flowery"!! That was the writing of the time, besides, I think it is beautiful.
Most, if not all modern books have lost their charm. They are written so basically, words just slapped crudely on to page. As for the topics they handle, they are so unrealistic, how are children and young people meant to learn from them.

Louisa may alcott's books teach, as well as providing entertainment. She writes many valuable lessons within the pages of her books that we could all learn from. It is a shame books today are not written in that way.

I'm glad that I was encouraged to read her books, rather than more modern writing. I am 15, and can easily see the difference in the books I read, to those other people at school of my own age read.

Her writing is not "flowery", and i'm glad you saw that.