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04-30-2008, 10:39 PM
I figured that if there is a "Short Story Contest", why not a "Poetry Contest"? So, if you have any good poems, send them to ***** (until this becomes more formal if and when it becomes popular) with your username. Right now, there will be ten slots to put in polls, so only ten poems will be accepted. If there is something already like this, then ignore this thread.


1.) Cannot be a Haiku or anything of that length (min. 5 lines; max 50 lines)

2.) Keep all poem's and their authors anonymous. If not kept anonymous, the
poem will be disqualified.

3.) If a poem loses, that same poem cannot be re-entered.

4.) If you win one "bracket" of the contest, you may not enter any new

5.) Submitted poems will only be accepted up until the first of the contest months (every other month**) at midnight (GMT-6) Anything beyond that date will not be accepted for said month. The poem may be submitted into the next competition month, however.

6.) The acception of poems is "first come, first serve". The poems are not entered based on quality, but on time of arrival. A maximum of ten poems allowed per competition (50 total)

7.) Finals will be held annually in the month of April.

*Rules subject to change. New rules may be added; all poetry must conform to new restrictions/rules.

**Unless notified for any changes, this rule will always apply.

Note: Any polls recorded before June 1, when the poems are uploaded, will not count towards the final outcome of June's poem contest. The thread will be notified of this occurance and the number of posts before June will be eliminated from the final tally.

05-29-2008, 10:29 AM
General Mod Note to all
We would like to remind members of the forum that there are already Offical Poetry Contests here on litnet for members to participate in. This means that Litnet does not endorse this competition, and it is therefore unoffical.

There are already a few unofficial poetry contests available in the games section of the forum that members can feel free to participate.

For offical Litnet Competitions, keep your eyes posted. You can contact Scher, Logos or any other moderator for information on Official Competitions.
Niamh- Mod