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Dark Muse
04-01-2008, 05:12 PM
I found this story to be rather charming and enjoyable, and one of the things which I always find amusing about such stories is the way in which some of the rather silly principles of the "society" are exposed. I particuarly the discourse between the English and the American's and how they precivie each other.

And found it rather humorus how some things never seem to really change, as some of the ideas of Mrs. Westgate and the generalizations she made, seemed to be still a typical American viewpoint.

I did find the ending a bit sad, and I was somewhat confused by the vaugeness of it.

I presume at the end, Lord Lambeth, had gone at the end to prepost to Bessie and she refused him, and that is why they had to turn down the invitation to the castle and hurry away to Paris so suddenly.

But I never understood her refusal of him. She seemed to be rather found of him. Was it becasue of the dissaproval of his family, that she suddenly made up her mind, or did she sincerely have no desire to marry him?

Though I know she told her sister she did not, she still seemed to be rather attracted to him.

05-22-2008, 04:24 PM
I feel the same way, in the end I do think Bessie had feelings for Lambeth.

I had to write an essay about this for english so I think I'll use that as an example. I think that Bessie had little choice but to leave him. They are two very different people even if they are infatuated. Bessie has very romantic ideals and does not even listen to Lambeth when he tries to tell her the truth. He thinks nothing of his role in the House of Lords for example while Bessie says that it's something very important. As far as James's says, I think he mentions that Lambeth doesn't even do anything in the house of lords.

Also they are from two different social classes. Lambeth is wealthy and his funds have been in his family for generations. Bessie on the other hand is more middle class or working class. The money in her family is rather "new" and has not been sitting around for long. Lambeth is a noble while Bessie is little more than a peasant.

In the end, if Lambeth were to go through and marry Bessie his mother would probably disown him and he would be poor, have to work, and would be an unhappy individual. Bessie might have realized this and decided to take action before Lambeth became unhappy.