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12-29-2007, 07:09 PM
I'm reading the book right now and I was wondering something about the outlook of four characters on love.

How does each of the following characters view love: Miss Havisham, Pip, Estella, Joe? How consistent is it in the novel or does it change? If you could provide examples from the text that would be great. :3

01-04-2008, 09:31 AM
Not sure if I know enough to comment about all of those people. I think I may have to read the book again and really think about it. But for Miss Havisham, to me, it is obvious she is extremely bitter towards love, and men in general. This is seen in how she talks of her marriage, how she tries to manipulate Pip, somewhat torment him with Estella. I think Estella maybe views men more as status, and sees something like love more superficially. Although, I think that doing is because of Miss Havisham. I think that comes across how she talks and acts towards Pip, how she tries to come across as better than him. This I think affects Pip, and how he views love. Such as he needs to be a "distinguished gentlemen" to get a decent woman- or basically needs a lot of money and status to get a good woman. However, I think his view changes towards the end, and his eyes are opened to the idea that money isn't what matters in life. Joe I think is a bit different than the others. I don't think he thought he had a great marriage, or even liked being married to his wife, but I do think he had a lot of respect for her- and tried his best to treat her in that manner. If I remember right, I think his wife put him down a lot for his career, and how little money they had (if so, I think that puts his wife into status being important in love like the others), but I also think that Joe didn't feel that way, and was happy with who he was. Not sure if any of that will help- or even if it is right? I had never thought about that question, with all those people as a whole (plus I haven't read it in a while)- so this is what came to me for now.