View Full Version : The Man and his Work

Dark Muse
11-05-2007, 05:43 PM
One of the things that I so enjoy about Brownings work is the fact that it ends to lean toward the dark side so to speak. There is a haunting aspect of mystery to his work, and a suggestion of the sinsister, or just down right disturbing, and yet there is still a certain charm I find in his work.

His poetry is full of murder, and deciet, and plots, and the dark side of the mind and yet his seems to go completely against his disposistion. Browning the man was a hopeless Romantic whom was completely dependent upon his wife Elizabeth and it has been said that he would often spend time just sitting with his head within her lap.

So where did he get his inspiration for his work? Was he expressing some alter ego within his poetry? Or was it a way for him to express and act out agianst his nautre, and to do things he could never really do, or be something he could not be.

Or was he just cynical about the state of man and mankind?