View Full Version : What Leo Tolstoy gave me?

07-21-2007, 11:25 AM
Once my best author and now also one of the few best authors of mine and perhaps still the best as far as the art of story telling is concered particualry the way he amalgamate philosopphical truths or facts in a simple every day reality I find him unbeateable.

The book I like the most yet I never completed is hi swar and peace, a book tha is a great epic, a book that is matchless and that deepens our understandin of life and that helps us penetrating into deeper and deeper realms of huam life.

Tolstoy was a great artist and his works of art are epochal. We cansee such pieces of art once in centuries.

Read any books of him you will not go bored and above all you go transformed completely.

I am a trieless reader of Tolstoy and I have read many stores of him, essays and novels and dramas.

And why kindles fires within me I do not know when I read his book.

I cry all alone and I find myslef highly sublimated and spiritually elevated.

I live with humilty amidst successes and failures. No amount of success excites me to the extent that tends to excite people. It is not my ego to sepeak that I am more tolerant. But yet I claim Tolstoy taught me something that is very rich.

08-13-2007, 03:13 AM
You really are a fan...
Why didn't you end War and Peace?