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05-31-2007, 12:18 PM
The league mentioned in the header refers to these misfortunate individuals who were destined to know better and to feel more but at the same time they have an extreme level of "awareness", which is usually referred to as " God" by the mass.
These individuals, which Herman Hesse was one of them, cannot help to see deeper and further when they look, so they usually are outcasts as far as society is concerned, and they must hence suffer more, so as was written by Hesse the steppen wolf was as outcast as knulp and finally yoseph Kencht.
They have all belonged to the league as they can all skip the crust of things and people and then they relate all things together in a game which Hesse chose to call the glass bead game.
that is the game of signs pointing to all similarities that lurks inside different objects and arts and sciences, these relationships can be compared to the bonds- electrical and magntic- which exist between micro and macro substances, an example would be the internal structure of a crystal and the group of mathematical formula that describes the crystal themselves.
Members of this leage are existents who live now or lived before, and my guess is some of you can identify some of them,