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04-29-2007, 11:32 AM
The dvd, Bronte Country, a 2002 production by Delta Entertainment corporation. A Los Angeles based enterprise that has such titles as: Popeye the Sailor Man - Collector's Edition: Vol. 2, Battleship Potemkin, Anyone Can Dance - Nightclub Slow Dancing, Princess Diana: The Uncrowned Queen, and list Bronte Country as Docudrama. One definition of docudrama is :”The use of literary and narrative techniques to flesh out or render story-like the bare facts of an event in history;” At the end of Bronte Country, a supposition is advanced, that Charlotte poisoned her sisters and that she burned a follow up manuscript of Emily's Wuthering Heights because she was jealous of her fame. Even with the disclaimer that there is no proof for such an assumption, making it, is the worst of yellow page journalism, of “fleshing out ... the bare facts”, for a commercial success.
The dvd was made without the assistance of the Bronte Parsonage Museum, noting the absence of any interior shots of the Parsonage or the inclusion of the known portraits of Brontes from the National Portrait Gallery. A serious oversight for a documentary and raising the question whether the production met their minimum standards of accuracy.
After viewing the dvd, I asked myself what does it want to accomplish, for whom was it intended? Does the title refer to a travel log of Yorkshire or is it a synopsis of the Bronte's writings? It seems to be unsatisfactory on both counts. It does mention some of the writings and biographical information of the Bronte sisters but the details are superficial and a better insight can be had by going to the Wikopedia page.
The dvd is 55 minutes long. A more definitive source of Charlotte Bronte is the book: Charlotte Bronte, The Evolution of Genius by Winifred Gerin. (1967, Oxford Claredon Press). It is 601 pages and not gotten through in an hour