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03-19-2007, 03:02 PM
Hello all here
I have been reading Montaigne and his opinions on reading and study and just wondering what everyone else thinks. First of all I am NOT talking about study for strictly career purposes but study and learning in general. I have come to believe that what we study should do one at least of the following;
Teach us how to live better
Make us happy

If this is true then I now find myself free to follow any course of study that attracts me and dont feel the need to wade thru lots of abstract theorising just because its supposed to be part of some "course". For example I am really enjoying Philosophy thru reading Montaigne, Socrates, de Botton (still alive!!) and perhaps Seneca but not under any pressure to get to grips with all the heavies like Wittgenstein, Nietzche etc.
Any ideas from all you Philosophy fans???

03-20-2007, 07:34 AM
Hi, daveathome1.

I personally think that it'd be very hard for one to master all thoughts in philosophy. I can read the introduction to philosophy and read the brief explanation on each thought from the great philosophers, yet, like you, I can only put more extra time to study on those that get my most attention (i.e. existentialism). Because when you use the word study, it'd mean that you know more than just the whos and whats. And our main concerns are probably different with each others and I think that what made philosophy developed. The question probably the same, yet the ways to answer is not.
Another purpose of study for me is to make me feel better about myself and about other things outside myself.