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10-29-2006, 12:17 AM
October 29th 2006, the 20th anniversary of my University, where I've whiled away, up to now, almost four years.Four years!How many four years do we get in average life span expectation?Maybe it's just like the size of the dog on the turf I saw this morning against the bulk of Buck. Anyway, that size is full of flesh and bones, save that drooped ears and loosely hanging grey hairs with some "tessels" adhering to each other by whatever liquid, yet he's alive, not alive as Buck, not a bit, I should say, yet his jogging demonstrates his eagerness for food; though it may be the only desire or fuel of his days,even the rest of his life, and yet he's not even aware of it. For him, it's a matter of fact. So he jogs, eats, and jogs. However, we human being jog, eat as well, yet we're designed to well aware of everything, the worst of all, we are well aware of our deepest recesses. It seems that Jack incarnated the same magic on Buck. On the one hand, this inbred magic is an inexorable revolver, keener numerous times that of Hal's. Thus no fancy Buck, the very crystal of mixed conception, almost a man under a beast's golden cover, having conquered one after another, Spitz, thousands miles of toil and ordeal, the seemingly unsurmountable wager, the moose, the wolves and ultimately, the call of his primordial, which to me, is the desire of Buck's inner heart, or simply one part of his flesh and bones, because he didn't need to force it out, it was just out there.
One the other hand, however, that awareness requires a more invincible hand to tap, otherwise, the tragedy of Dolly is the tragedy of ourselves. Jack's wizard, again I found him vested this invincible hand upon Buck--the love for John. It is salient the quirk death of John a bit mechanical or not genuine, too sudden to be true, of course, the haste here is understandable, the perfect denouement of the "Call of the Wild" does request a little quirk to precipitate, but we're still able to trace out the lurking line:as long as John lives, so does the loving company of Buck, so does the never ending call of the wild. As I was rewarmed by the might of Nature the other day, this time the love.