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07-31-2006, 06:54 AM
I just watched the movie. The movie was added in some love element to this American Romantic story. I think Hawkeye and Uncas are lots more enchanted by the natual and the earth they're stepping on than human affection. Their hearts are strong and full of brave, their spirit are pure and noble. In spite of the character, I see, through The Last of Mohicans, the inhumanity of the greediness and the cruelty of the war. The last of the Mohicans should be Uncas, the one who is young and with hope, but only his father Chingachgook alive and became the last Mohicans in the end of the book. Sigh..
Every parts of the book encourage me to respect and treasure what I already have and I don't have. Everything we see, we feel is so beautiful that we should cherish them instead of perish. This is why I'm so moved by the book.