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The Marxism and the crisis theory (the spot counts: 1,331)

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"Marx's Crisis Theory" foreword: Marxism and crisis theory

Political economy and crisis inevitability

Each when arrived the prosperity arrival, the capitalism advocates declared brought the trouble for the capitalism the born that way crisis tendency already thoroughly to overcome. When prospers finishes, the economists one after the other propose the collapse special explanation. 1990 at the beginning of ages crises were the results which 1980 ages not discretely loaned. 1980 at the beginning of ages crises were 1970 at the end of ages excessively countries disbursement results. 1970 ages intermediate stages crisis was the petroleum price crazily rises after the Vietnamese war inflation result. ... ... 1930 ages crises were not the correct banking policy results. ... ... Each crisis has the different reason, all is the artificial fault product, does not have time is the capitalist system own question. However in past two hundred years or unceasing periodically appearance.
The bourgeoisie economists can not but deny the crisis are intrinsic to in the capitalist production social form, because the entire economic theory establishment under this kind of premise, namely the capitalist system is the autonomy, the theory economist's primary mission is determined the autonomy can maintain the lowest condition, like this, any setback can consider is the deviation normal state accidental result.
Even if most has the defense economist not to be able not to note the crisis the repetition appearance, but, embarks from the classical political economy tradition, the economist explains such crisis for the infection phenomenon. The supply and demand strength normal operation guarantee general meeting tends to the balance. This meaning crisis can only be took exterior attack the result appears, it temporarily breaks the balance; Or is the internal turbulence, it hinders or destroys the market equilibrium the process.
In he theory frame, the capital in the different production department between the movement, responds because the supply and demand not balanced brings profit margin difference. This kind of capital movement is the competition maintains the reasonable proportion relations at the different department between the way, so, then possibly broke imbalance which accumulated on by the supply and demand relations smoothing effect to eliminate. Any imbalance crisis, 1970 ages intermediate stages crisis, like this is been likely imperfect by the market, here is the petroleum producer's monopoly strength.
In the theory, the supply and demand mutually does by the interest rate and the profit margin uses for to maintain. If invests drops, to invests the fund the demand to be able to drop, thus causes the interest rate to drop, but the interest rate drops can stimulate the new investment. The stable monetary policy can guarantee the balance can maintain. In ?the classical world, the international payment balance deficit is the hot major targets or quotas, the gold and the foreign exchange reserve outflow can force the currency authority to tighten the monetary policy to adjust not balanced. Similarly, declines the attack causes the foreign exchange reserve the inflow, thus allows to adopt the more loose monetary policy. In the modern world, the inflation and the deflation pressure target is more complex, but the principle is same. Excessively accumulates crisis, if that which produced in 1980 the end of ages, was relaxes the monetary policy the result, it stimulated the inflation and the speculation excessively invests.
Puts aside their complex mathematical formalism, today the economists provide the explanation and nine at the beginning of centuries provides not any difference. It always believed that, a huge exterior of impact, looks like the war or the crop failure, can creates the short confusion international economy relations to between the different department's relations or nationality's, but similar crisis reason actually outside capitalist system, moreover is very quick in under the normal market process adjustment can restore stably. Except such exterior impact, the crisis main reason on was considered is the government not suitably intervenes in the management economy time creates. Specially, if the government attempts through the printing currency coming person to stimulate the economy for the place to support it excessively to disburse, can promote excessively congenially, causes the inflation prosperity. Along with the unreliable speculative investment defeat, the prosperous end will collapse, thus will need a decline time to come excessively to invest from the system pulls out. Thus, the prosperity and the collapse in turn circulation is not the Capitalist mode of production intrinsic, but is the statesman stupid and the irresponsible result.
Keynes proposed the question to the classical macroscopic economical adjustment mechanism, but his work still belonged to the classical frame in the very great degree. The Keynes theory can the explanation prosperous and the bleak in turn circulation, namely so-called "trade cycle" or "commercial cycle", but the actually explanation is, this kind of circulation is in no way in the Capitalist mode of production fresh, moreover may use the suitable government policy to adjust. Keynes's criticism meaning, the stable need government's positive intervention, is seeking counter- cyclical the finance and the monetary policy, maintains the macroscopic economic equilibrium, but Keynes criticizes the basic goal is reconfirms the non-monopoly capitalism in the communism and before the Fascist statism threat the harmony. Said to Keynes as well as the classical economist that, the crisis tendency is not the Capitalist mode of production because of some, but is not the suitable organization arrangement and the policy response result. Therefore, the crisis tendency may reforms by the suitable organization and the policy overcomes. After Keynes, elephant in him before is same, the crisis existence is not the capitalism flaw proof, but is statesman's negligence and is irresponsible.
After this meanless view has duplicated for more than two 100 years, perhaps the people can hope the economists already saw some symptoms of a trend. The economists want to the crisis explanation on like the identical scientist to deny the four seasons transformation are one kind of natural phenomenon are same, spring arrival supernatural strength wisdom. The theory should face the question is not explained this or that crisis special reason, likely scientist's duty is not explained the spring arrives the precise date in any specific year to be same. Needs is explained the economic crisis has the rule as the Capitalist mode of production development tendency normal ingredient to reappear. This is the Marxism the duty which establishes for oneself, proved the crisis not merely is to the accumulation of capital artificial disturbance, but is the capitalist production social form intrinsic tendency.
The Marxism crisis theory obvious characteristic is they to the crisis took the Capitalist mode of production essence, the inevitable characteristic inevitable emphasis, was precisely this inevitability has stipulated the capitalism objective limit and the socialism necessity. The Rosa ??Luxembourg in replied when Bernstein produced the Marxism crisis theory function classics to indicate. "Looked from the scientific socialism viewpoint that, the socialist revolution historical inevitability first is in obtains on the overall system ?

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boundary capitalism daily growth non- government the proof. If you acknowledged, is same with Bernstein, the capitalism development certainly to its own deconstruction direction movement, the socialism could not no longer be objective inevitable." If improves may "the elimination or at least relaxes the capitalism economy the inherent contradictions... ... The elimination crisis meant holds down in the capitalism foundation between the production and the exchange contradiction. Improves the working class the situation to mean relaxes between the capital and the work opposition... ... Then the socialism on has only been left over a foundation - - proletariat's social class consciousness... ... This is only an ideal, it persuades the strength lies in its own consummation." (Luxembourg, 189.9/1908 million, 58)
The Marxism crisis inevitable theory, namely the crisis took capitalist production the inherent contradictions way inevitably expression, is "the improvement" and "the revolution" watershed, also is the society Democrat which seeks the system improvement in the capitalism frame, with seeks in between socialist's watershed which on basic establishes a different society. If the crisis purely is infectious, or only is the symbol from an accumulation stage, regardless of is presses "the political power" or "the social structure" the division, (argues slightly the tower to another stage transformation speech, 1,979; Boris, Gordon and tests the husband, 1,984), the socialism does not have the objective necessity, but the socialism movement has also lost the social basis. If an improvement capitalism may satisfy the working class the need, the class struggle also lost its objective foundation, the socialism has become morals ideally, with working class's need and yearned for any special relations, only expressed a series of special moral value, but did not have the class interest foundation, no longer was more effective than other any things.
Crisis theory in Marxism ideology central function, but is unable to be separated from the ideology the background to understand. However merely defends the Marxism in the ideology foundation the crisis theory is by far not Just like Luxembourg clearly realized, the Marxism the socialism establishment in "the science" in the foundation manifesto frankly take its crisis theory scientific nature as a premise. Thus, although understood the Marxism the crisis theory cannot isolates with its ideology and the political background, appraises this theory on the strict rational scientific cornerstone also is similarly important. This book completely is to the Marx crisis theory scientific appraisal, completely understands this question in political and the ideology significance.

Marxism crisis theory

In in the Marxism tradition, the crisis theory plays the central role, but simultaneously, it is in the Marxism theory is weakest and the most imperfect domain. The crisis tendency is Marx and Engels studies when the economical at first the beginning, also was Marx makes a fresh start its economical research starting point in 1857, but in he work, Marx has not certainly provided the system thoroughly to indicate the integrity the crisis theory. In the different time, considered the work, Marx as if the crisis and the profit margin drop tendency, with the overproduction tendency, expends the insufficiency, imbalance with excessively accumulates relates, but does not have clearly to approve this or that theory. Engels explained when capitalism crisis tendency frequently mentioned two kind of theories, its one are the capitalism unlimited development productive forces tendency and the ordinary populace's limited consumver buying power contradiction, its two is the market anarchy.
The crisis theory is limited in the second international Marxism function, until this movement by nine century's ends revisionism was debated splits. Cull ????? the second international chief theoretician, divides into Engels's viewpoint two aspects, proposed one kind of crisis theory, unifies the overproduction long-term trend and based on the market non- government's crisis theory. This theory has encountered Bernstein and the chart root ??Para Knoff Si Chi challenge. Bernstein denies inevitable which the capitalism collapses, thought the cartel will overcome the market the anarchy; Latter denies the inevitability which the expense is insufficient.
In order to reply Bernstein's challenge, the second international Marxist tries for the crisis theory to lay a stricter foundation. Although the participation debate majority person only reconfirmed already established the legitimate theory, the Rosa ??Luxembourg and Rudolph ??hoped the law pavilion to divide for the afterwards Marxist turns into "the expense insufficient faction" and "the imbalance faction" broadcasts the seed. Starts these two kind of theories certainly is not not accommodating, expends was insufficient considered is imbalance is special, the benefit form. However, two between difference expanded day by day in the entire 1920 ages, unified until 1930 at the end of ages Marxism legitimate theory for expense insufficient discussing, but the imbalance theory is condemned for Social Democratic Party's reformism deviation. In Soviet Union, by legitimate expense insufficient theory highest pastor's status appearance.
In the west, the legitimate Marxism crisis theory most complex expression is Paulo "Capitalism Development Theory" (in 1942). This work has analyzed the early debate, has carried on the discrimination classification to the different theory, insufficient discussed in the foundation in the Marxism expense to develop stagnated the theory. This exploration in Paulo ?? Pakistan orchid and Paulo "Monopoly capital" (in 1966) center tie the plentiful fruit, it synthesized Marx and the gram ? (KALEKCI), "the Keynes principle" to the west capitalism stabilization and the imperialism, the militarism with the waste relation, grew day by day through these ways surplus can absorb or is disappeared destroys.
Six ages had one kind of new crisis tendency, this kind of crisis already cannot counterbalance by the Keynes principle method, also cannot explained for the Keynes principle or the expense insufficient theory. From this, the dominant position which the Marxism expense insufficient discussed receives the corrosion in 1960 ages. These new crisis tendencies characteristics are, accumulates the center in the capitalism to be able the profit margin to reveal the drop. By classical Marxism crisis theory, regardless of is "imbalance" or "the expense insufficiency", the performance which the crisis is which bursts as the production and the expense relations the result appears is the goods in stock increase, thus in crisis time the profit margin drop is this overproduction commodity result. However, in 1960 the end of ages, the situation was as if the profit margin drops is not finally but is the crisis reason, this caused the Marxist to attempt to explain the capitalism crisis tendency in the foundation which the profit margin dropped.
In 1970 ages, debated intensely carries on between two school of Marxists. Believed first to the crisis profit margin drop is the rise wages corrosion profit result is a school, profit margin drop and Marx "profit margin drop tendency rule" is another school. Latter explanation ends in the Marxism legitimate leadership.

Present age Marxism difficult position

1970 ages Marxism crisis theory was develops under the background which the capitalism economic crisis deepened. Relates with this crisis, but also has had the social democracy political crisis, slowed down the postwar economy rising period prosperous footsteps. The direct theory goal, the Marxism and the bourgeoisie theoreticians are same, explains this crisis. The Marxism method distinctive quality lies in, it diligently proves this crisis is the Capitalist mode of production basic contradiction performance, moreover the crisis solution is impossible to depend on improves, only can realize through the intense class struggle. In the ideology expectation is, this deepens day by day danger opportunity smashing Social Democratic Party's reformism fantasy, in acceleration politics and thought two-pole. Although believed the socialism strength inevitably can the person which appears from this two-pole be very few, but regardless of or "the socialist countries" actually generally has a faith in the capitalist country, namely the socialism can return to in the historical program.

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he reality and 1970 ages was optimistic anticipated is very dissimilar. Certainly, the crisis has caused the class struggle which expected, but was actually far to has not caused the working class to join in the socialism movement the degree, the defeat experience has crushed the organized working class's hope and the spirit, multiplied has spread the working class movement degenerating with the fission. The very majority of radical intellectual has lost their socialism faith in 1980 ages, obtained this faith with them in 1970 ages to be equally quick. They have specially abandoned the Marxism crisis theory, was not regards as 1970 ages crises is the Capitalist mode of production inherent contradictions performance, but was "the Ford principle" the time approached "the Ford principle" after the postwar prosperity the information time transformation stage. With "politics" the struggle and the capitalism "the economy" the development is separated from to crisis theory getting rid of for the socialism related, same and the organized working class related, they regard as "the Ford principle" are the new times prehistoric history.
The socialism left wing pain suffers the setback cannot explain by the left wing intellectual's betrayal, also cannot explain by its theoretical analysis insufficiency. They only can understand suffers the defeat for the organized working class, perhaps they have not finished the ideology for the socialism attack the military, but what is more important is far has not looked like the capital and the country such finishes the preparation for the class struggle enhancement. Not only is the working class has not been able to go a step further to the socialism in front of, even its most temperate matter and the society request the reformism diligently all frequently suffers a crushing defeat. However, in the defeat fact very great degree advanced the socialism left wing, but was further causes them to isolate to the organized working class, this indicated had the gap in the socialism theory and between the class struggle daily reality. Although Marx's theory correctly foresaw the capitalism crisis, it has not actually been able the class struggle which initiates for the crisis to provide the instruction.
The socialism encounters such comprehensive political defeat the fact certainly not to mean has lost the value to the capitalism socialism criticism. Prosperous and bleak taking turn, excessively works and unemployment coexisting, the astonishing wealth and the disaster poorly follow, the authority is centralized and weak not helps accompanies, still was now the capitalism characteristic, elephant in more than centuries before is same. Today world compared to formerly even more lost the control, has been pushed by the different strength to the deconstruction. In bourgeoisie economist's magnificent guarantee and world majority person's life reality gap formerly any time is bigger than. The Marxism defeat does not lie in its science plan not to be correct, but lies in its ideology and the political realization mistake. It cannot to the capitalism condition theoretical analysis and average person's daily hope with the ambition relation. If we must draw the lesson from this defeat, we not only must reinspect the working class and the socialism politics form, moreover must reconsider we to the capitalism analysis rationale. In this book I hoped regarding this makes a contribution, I strongly will discuss the Marxism since long ago weak link, the crisis theory.

Marx and Marxism crisis theory

Marxism crisis theory reveals the characteristic is, its legitimate viewpoint changes so fundamentally, moreover is so unconscious. In the turn of the century, the legitimate viewpoint is quite fuzzy imbalance theory, the crisis is summed up for the market anarchy. To 1930 ages, the Marxism legitimate viewpoint became the strict expense to be insufficient theory. Became the crisis in 1970 ages profit margins drop theory the classical theory. In each time, the leading theory was always recognized for authority's Marx theory, supports by the Marx work in quotation. But the different theory is the wicked not amnesty deviation. However, although to the Marxism said the crisis theory had the unity, actually not to in Marx work crisis theory development serious research. Generally believed that, Marx always develops a system crisis theory, he constructed it to the successor to leave behind the free space to the Marx crisis theory different explanation, but Marx's crisis theory was spreads, incompletely consistent, piece.
This book main goal inspects Marx's crisis theory, because this aspect second literature quite has already enriched, although is very unfortunate, theory oneself certainly not minute complex. This book main goal is, through puts him about the crisis elaboration on in its writing background, forms to the crisis theory in the Marx work function understanding. Because in 1850 later Marx will write down, during for 1857-1863 year writes the draft manuscript publication, today this duty was easier. This enable us to have the possibility first time to track Marx's economic thought, the first contact politics economy learned "Das Kapital" from him in 1844 to publish, thus completely determined him to the crisis theory discussion.
Returns to the Marx work, recorded Marx actually to say to the crisis any, its reason was simple is one archaeology interest by no means, also was not thought could have doubts to Marx about crisis work integrity reading for the understanding afterwards Marxist provides the key. Said to them that, Marx about the crisis elaboration is in fact the piece and chaotic. Has been separated from its work whole, these elaborate no vital significance, certainly cannot provide the consistent strict crisis theory (although considered the Marx time and our this time economic condition, its origination and insight all are cannot underestimate). In any event, through him to the crisis question elaboration refraction mirror, regards as Marx's work a whole, indeed can for understand the Marx work provides a new field of vision. This it and on the bourgeoisie political economy theory difference belt the onstage, has provided a foundation, enables the present age Marxism to establish in the modern world to the capitalism contradictory movement understanding.
Read Marx's work by this way not only to read out it and the bourgeoisie economic defense difference, moreover also had it and by the understanding is "the Marxism political economy" the difference (in political economy some kind of significance was a contradictory terminology, because Marx always was called his work "political economy critique"). The Marxism crisis theory difficult position mainly lies in, it diligently constructs own in the bourgeoisie theory foundation theory, specially in he theory foundation, actually has neglected the Marx theory critique. To the Marx crisis theory critique corrosion not only is the contemporary institute Marxism characteristic, moreover may in second international observe to the Marxism development early stage, this caused the Marxism theory has opened wide the front door to Bernstein and the chart root ??Para Knoff Si Chi revisionism criticism.
In this book first chapter, I in the brief summary before the new Marxism political economy legitimate viewpoint which in 1970 ages debates will form, slightly will narrate Engels, ??? hopes the law pavilion, Luxembourg to the classical Marxism crisis theory main contribution. This inspection will be able to provide a reference point for this book other parts, after that I will change to Marx from the Marxism, thoroughly will excavate Marx to the political economy critique in the crisis theory function.
Proposed Marx's crisis theory can bring the difficult question. First is Marx has not certainly provided this kind of crisis theory for us. Before death publishes in Marx in the work, to the crisis theory discussion only is the brief quick-witted commentary. The nearly all widespread theories discussion all is pastes in the vast note in Marx's volume, but even if in there, to the crisis discussion certainly has not also concentrated in together, but is inserts in other questions discussions. This impossibly simply quote leaves "Marx's crisis theory". This does not have any strangely, because said to Marx, the crisis tendency is an extreme, said from the certain significance, is the Capitalist mode of production historical tendency most external expression. Thus, Marx's crisis theory must treat as it broader Capitalist mode of production a dynamic characteristic part to understand.

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The second question is the Marx crisis theory different ingredient significance. Where is Marx's method of work rides the different thought train to have a look them to be able to bring him to, then returns to own note to attempt to give own thought to bring some orders, also embarks from the beginning, thought each thing finds its position. He to the capitalism analysis frame was in 1840 ages establishments, expressed in "the Communist Manifesto" center. Then, before 1850 ages the demi-section, he has carried on crowded reading. Most has in the creative in his life stage, from 1857 to 1863, he carefully reorganized own thought. Receives four years flower is re-examining the material which these writes down, take "Das Kapital" the first volume as a peak. "Das Kapital" is the only system text which Marx completes. Marx short returned to in the theory work to 1970 ages two, at that time he wrote the material majority of is reorganized by Engels "Das Kapital" the second volume. "Das Kapital" the third volume is Engels to Marx's 1864-1965 year note integration, this part of note is to 1961-1863 year draft manuscript again creation. . However, does not like "Das Kapital" the first volume, this kind creates the very great degree up-station to be restricted in again to the materials on hand again arrangement, has not carried on as the whole analysis any system the generalization. Thereupon remains for us is the massive pieces, Marx expresses his thought in these pieces by the different way, sometimes draws the conclusion, sometimes gives up one kind of thought, sometimes loses to (usually is in mathematics example shrubbery), but has not provided to its research system significance any instruction. Thus, any indicates the Marx crisis theory diligently inevitably to include the massive explanations and the reorganization ingredient.
Indicates the Marx theory the third question is, nearly possesses him all deeply deeply to insert to the crisis discussion in him to the political economy critique commentary in. This meaning Marx's crisis theory expression form, is decided by this theory in Marx's to political economy critique status. In Marx to the capitalism diagnosis in, the crisis theory function certainly not necessarily is a guide. Therefore, not only must in explain Marx indicates Marx's crisis theory to a capitalism movement broader background under, moreover must in him to the political economy critique background under. More importantly, although Marx only had the archaeology interest to the classical political economy critique massive details, the most basic question still had the vitality today, because the modern economist gained the concept foundation from its classical ancestor. Thus, we must not only have in the classical political economy, moreover in under the contemporary economic background, considers Marx's crisis theory and the Capitalist mode of production movement.
These question meaning, any to the Marx crisis theory discussion all will be the expression, explained and clarifies the context the synthesis. In writes in this book process, I consciously diligently maintain some kind of balance at during these three factors. In order to write the first manuscript, I read the Marx Engels's completely correlation work, strictly according to arranges them about the crisis discussion the year order and the text environment reorganizes, reduces the explanation work the threshold. Then I have divided into the material five parts, corresponds to the Marx work different stage: Early work (to 1848 up to); In 1848 revolutionized the after again appraisal section; 1857-1858 year "Political economy Critique" draft manuscript foundation stage; (Contains two chapters in 1861-1865 year draft manuscript to the political economy critique development in this book final edition); Mature work in first volume first edition comes which from "Das Kapital". Then, I these materials according to the subject reorganization, I still diligently as far as possible caused the explanation frame to be rooted in Marx's text, and reis reading the majority significant in the text field of vision to revise this frame. Finally, I once again have studied the entire text, diligently reorganizes these to indicate, and puts it on the Marx work in the context which explained as the whole. I have not done a matter is, Marx work explicitly and contemporary economic question with argument relation, although I hoped is familiar with these arguments to these the person to say, its relation is obvious. The Marx work significance does not lie in it the contribution which does to the bourgeoisie economic (although economist to capitalism movement understanding in nearly any enhancement all comes from to Marx and the Marxism, or foresees for Marx), but lies in it to be able the bourgeoisie economic.
I try hard to cause the final text to be as far as possible clear, but also diligently avoids the oversimplification. The question is complex, Marx's certain discussions are chaotic. When I attempt processes these is chaotic, I am unable to avoid the complexity. If this book some still brought difficult to reading, I only could express the apology, and asked the reader to return to Marx's original text, but was not simply gives up the understanding the endeavor.
I write this book goal provide the explanation which most draws close to about the Marx crisis theory, but is through provides Marx to the reader the work the insight and the creativity, comes for to develop to the capitalism movement more suitable analysis shop next cornerstone. Marx's work although was in more than centuries before wrote, until now still had the huge theory significance. Marx the political economy which eliminates by his critique has not still dropped down, dies, also but has not been obsolete by the economic birth. Marx's political economy critique and to the contemporary economic critique is related, likely and is same (Cluck to the Li Chiat'u critique, 1,991). I hope this book not only to be able to propose to the Marx crisis theory clear consistent explanation, moreover because fully open provides Marx the work, enables the reader to be allowed to use Marx's work to take the different explanation the foundation, or as establishes other directions the foundation.
In the book, I only was had indicated the Marx work widespread significance, took a collective diligently part, hoped other people established in this foundation to the capitalism and its the ideology wrong representative carry on the radical theory critique, this kind of critique will unify with the resisting capitalism exploitation and the plundering daily experience, thus developed for the ideology critique and a free political power part. Whether Marx's name does unite with this kind of movement is immaterial. Important is we should fully use the insight which the Marx work manifests.

"Marx's Crisis Theory" publication prospect analysis

"Marx's Crisis Theory" is economic history scientist Simon ??Cluck is new, was published by the saint Martin publishing house in 1994. Cluck also has a series of writings like, "Keynes Principle, Currency Principle And National Crisis" and so on. Its narration both can briefly and to the point grasp the concept evolution history the intrinsic clue, and vivid direct-viewing, the readability is strong. Cluck is a very rigorous careful writer, he is in reads related all has published and has not published in the draft manuscript foundation with the crisis theory to write this book, therefore had the very strong academic reference value. Moreover, Cluck limits by no means own in merely to in Marx's crisis theory narration and the analysis, but is develops the field of vision Engels, ??? Bernstein, Luxembourg, chart root ??Para Knoff Si Chi, the Greece law pavilion, Paulo and so on the Marxism writer, as well as Keynes, and so on person's crisis theory, has vertically and horizontally analyzed the Marx crisis theory significance and the intrinsic weakness from two coarse threads, for person by very profound impression. I felt, the domestic Marxism economical educational world regarding Marx's crisis theory understanding is not up to now very many people still held the non- critique manner, this was "left" doctrine; On the other hand, the western economic model continues the crisis to treat as one kind accidentally to process with the exception, also cannot be satisfying. But this book may to break this kind of sad aspect to have a benefit.
Presently, the world economics are facing the new turn of greatly bleak danger. American renowned economist Paulo Gehman recently published a new book to be called "Economy Bleakly To stage a comeback", then was a alarm which sent out to the common people. Under this kind of background, the East and West related crisis theory discussion is very possible to be able to return in people's field of vision, certainly contains to Marx's crisis theory again ponder and the understanding.
Therefore, I believed, regardless of says from academic or the market two aspects, this book all is worth publishing. This book core reader group possibly was domestic for the number still the many Marxism economical scholar, the mainstream economists (basically holds western economic viewpoint) also to be able to have a part to be interested. Under theirs recommendation, the reader which more has the basic academic accomplishment possibly can attract.

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