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05-23-2006, 11:31 AM
I have to do a art project on romeo and Juliet for school and i have decided to be creative and make a playbill.
But i am unsure of what a playbill realy is and what i should put in it.
For example i know that i should list the characters and their roles but what else?
Music mabey...but what?
And i also need to asign role for each person...but i am not farmiliar with actors and actresses.
Is there a way i can find some of the original people or mabey a little more reasent like early 1900's or something.
It would be very helpful if you gave me some ideas because i am a little lost at what to do and how it should look.
I have looked at some modern playbills but all i realy see in them are a bunch of advertisments.

I need help as soon as possible it very important. So if you do read this anything will help...even a new idea.

Mabey i shouldnt do a playbill....mabey i should do a poster with a bunch of pictures on it like everybody else....but my only problem with that is i dont no what to say about it when i present....I want to try to make it interesting.
But i am running out of time it is due on Teusday.

I also had a interesting idea of making some sort of packet with all the topics in this forum (because they r interesting) and then i would post in each one or something and present that to the class. But i dont no if my teacher will approve. And i cant ask him until friday because i will be away and not in school. What do u think i should do?