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05-05-2006, 08:32 PM
Hi. I have a short group oral that im going to be doing at school in a few weeks time. My group has decided to set up a pschiatric session, with 3 of us depicting King Oedipus at different stages throughout the play, mainly focusing on his personality change etc

I was wondering if anyone has any good points that I can base my questions on that the psychiatrist will ask me. So far I have the following, which are not yet written in the context that a psychiatrist would ask them but you get the general idea.

You tell me that you recently lost your wife Jocasta, who coincidently, happened to be your biological mother. How does this make you feel?

Now Oedipus, from looking at you now, you appear to be wearing some black glasses. We all know that this is because you blinded yourself with Jocasta’s broaches. Is life a lot different now that you are blind?

You were once the most respected man in the land of Thebes, and your people loved you, just as you loved them. What is reality like these days with these not present?

Oedipus, you were giving by the prophecy that you would kill your father and have sex with your mum. Do you believe that your fate was pre-determined and that their was nothing to change this, or do you believe that you could have avoided this prophecy coming true?

Creon said that at the end of your downfall, he heard you say that “no god will speak for me”. Is this a sign that the old arrogant and petulant Oedipus that we once knew is making a come back?

When you were told by a drunken man that you would kill your father and have sex with your mother, you began on an journey to find the truth about yourself. Do you believe that your journey is now complete, or do you still believe that there is truth to be found?

If anyone would be able help here by giving me a few aspects that I could base my questions around, it would be such a great help

Many thanks :D