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04-13-2006, 12:11 PM
I have a Hamlet website, newly updated, here - hamletregained.com

I offer the entire playtext, modernized. That is: modernized spelling, and other improvements to make it easier to read.

Also, I have written what I call a "simplified modern English" equivalent of the entire play. It gives the modern language equivalent for every character's speech, and every passage of the whole play. "Simplified" doesn't mean Basic English with a simplified vocabulary, rather, that there's inevitably some simplification of meaning involved in changing the original language. The purpose of the smE is to give the "plain reading" of the play. The smE serves, essentially, as a full-text gloss.

The Original Language, and the smE, are arranged side-by-side on the same page. To see the modern language equivalent for each character's speech, simply look across the page. With this arrangement, there's no need to go to a separate glossary to look up individual words, to try to find the meaning. It should be especially helpful to students. A person can read the smE fairly quickly and easily, to get the basic meaning, and then go back to the Original Language with much higher confidence, I believe.

Additionally, I offer thousands of paragraphs of explanatory notes for the play. I believe that my notes are probably the most detailed and thorough commentary on Hamlet that has ever been written. The notes explain the flow of events, the characterizations, motivations, and etc. and also deal with the fantastic depth of ambiguity and allusion in the play.

A frames option is available, so that a user can see the Original Language version, the smE equivalent, and the Notes all in the same browser window, which should be especially convenient. Also, the text, and the notes, can be viewed separately, for those who can't use frames, or who don't want to.

The presentation is copyrighted - and I do ask people to please respect that - but it's all available to the user for personal study and enjoyment, with no restrictions on access. There's no requirement for any registration or payment. I invite everyone interested in Hamlet to take a look.

Also, I'd be pleased to discuss it in this forum, if anybody wants to, and as my time permits.

10-12-2006, 08:45 PM
Are you still around then, Amleth? I have a couple of problems with your modern English version just from reading the first few lines of the first scene. I would like to talk about them also (as much as my time permits, of course :D).

Looks like you put a lot of work into the site, BTW.

Also, I'd be pleased to discuss it in this forum, if anybody wants to, and as my time permits.