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03-06-2006, 07:53 PM
Hello, I am supposed to write an essay in English about Romeo's flaw. I wrote it and i want to know how i can improve it and if I did okay or not. I am in the 9th grade :)

“Romeo and Juliet” is a play by William Shakespeare. In the play, Romeo has a flaw because he seems to be too emotional. He acts quickly and impulsively, so that his actions are not thought out thoroughly. Romeo could’ve had a fairly happy ending if he didn’t commit suicide right after Juliet’s “death”. Juliet’s commits suicide also when she sees Romeo dead. Another flaw in Romeo is that he gets sad and depressed a lot in the play. If Romeo controlled his emotions a little bit, there might have not been a tragedy at all.
In this play, Romeo is always miserable and downcast, Also Romeo is always in love, and when he falls in love, he doesn’t think about anything else. In Act I Romeo was in love with Rosaline and couldn’t stop thinking about her. He wandered around looking and acting depressed because Rosaline wasn’t interested in him. To cheer him up Romeo’s friends talk him into going to the Capulet’s Masquerade party. Before he goes he promises that he isn’t going to dance or have fun. So he goes to the party preparing to just watch the other people dance. While he is watching he sees this beautiful girl, at the instant he completely took Rosaline away from his mind. This is what Romeo ways when he first sees Juliet. “Beauty too rich for use, for earth too dear. So shows a snowy dove trooping with crows as yonder lady o'er her fellows shows.”(I.IV.45-47) Romeo falls in love too quickly and easily.

A major flaw for Romeo is he acted quickly with every decision he made. When he saw Juliet for the first time he knew that she was the one he was going to marry. That night after the party, relying on his emotions. He jumped over the Capulet fence and went to Juliet’s balcony. When Juliet came out of her room he told her about his love for her. After talking for a few minutes, right before he left Romeo proposed. “The exchange of thy love’s faithful vow for mine.” (II.II.127) These two didn’t even know each other for a full day. They move quickly into their relationship deciding to get married the next day. Also another instance where Romeo acted impulsively was when he drank the poison when he found Juliet “dead.” If he had not been so overwhelmed and sad, Juliet would’ve lived and so would he. He should’ve thought things through before he decided to drink the poison.
Because of Romeo’s sadness of his banishment and Juliet, leads to his death and the death of other people. At the end of the play Lord Montague says that Lady Mongague “is dead to-night; Grief of my son’s exile hath stopp’d her breath…”(V.III.210-211). Because Romeo got banished from Verona, Lady Montague dies because of sadness. Because of Romeo’s fall it causes the downfall of Juliet, Tybalt, Mercutio, and Paris also. Romeo goes to Juliet’s tomb uses the potion and dies. This leads to the death of Juliet. Juliet sees Romeo dead; she takes his dagger out and kills herself. Romeo also causes he death of Mercutio, and Tybalt. If Romeo was not trying to make peace with Tybalt, Mercutio would not have tried to defend Romeo. Mercutio feels that Romeo is afraid to fight Tybalt and he wants to defend him. Romeo only wants to make peace with Tybalt because now he is related to him. Paris dies by trying to defend the Capulets tomb from Romeo. He thinks Romeo came to do something bad to the people in the tomb. "...to do some villainous shame To the dead bodies..."(V. III. 52-53) Paris dies trying do defend Juliet and the Capulets.
The flaw that seemed to appear most in the play was that Romeo always acted impulsively and quickly with out thinking. That got him into all the trouble. Basically the only way the feud between the Montagues and the Capulets the end is through the death of their own kids. They were paying for peace with their lives. If Romeo was a little bit older, he would’ve had the ability to think things more clearly rather than thinking impulsively.

03-20-2006, 10:04 PM
I won't argue with the points you make. Just a few comments:

If you want to describe what happens in the play in the present tense, make sure you do it throughout. There were a few places in which you used the past tenses for this purpose.

You seem to mention one point, move on to the next and then repeat them again in more details. Try to mention one point and analyse it comprehensively before moving on to the next. Otherwise it gives the impression that you don't know exactly what you are talking about. A point should only be repeated in the introduction and the conlusion.

Good luck

adonis salameen
03-26-2006, 05:31 PM
,Im adonis and IM studying the English Lieterature and I wanna to give my own view, but I dont know if its true or not.In my humble oppinion , I think Romeo's Love is not true because he keeps shifting from one lady to another.For instance , he was fasinated with Rosalin , but when he saw Juliet he forgot his Love Rosalin,isnt it?

03-27-2006, 07:47 AM
Romeo's flaw is an interesting one, but there are several other points to consider in R & J that make it an exciting and facinating play. You could argue that he is a victim of circumstance and perhaps he could have simply wallowed in his melancholy at Rosalin's rejection, resisted the pressure of his mates and gone home to bed instead of going to the Capulet ball. After all, he does have the preminition,'My mind misgives some consequence, yet hanging in the stars, shall bitterly begin his fearful date with this night's revels and expire the term of a dispised life, closed in my breast, by some vile forfeit of untimely death. But he that has the steerage of my sail direct my course! On lusty gentlemen?' The night of the party is both his birth and death. The heavyness of heart he is experiencing is immediately lifted as soon as he sees Juliet and he starts comparing her to every light source available - 'What light is that that doth enrich the hand of yonder Knight? O, she doth teach the torches to burn bright', 'What light through yonder window', 'The brightness of her cheek would shame those stars as daylight doth a lamp', etc. Lightness of being, lightness as luminosity and the stars (the his fortune/fate is mapped out in the prophesying stars) are all there. If he hadn't met Juliet would his life be complete? Yes, his emotional reaction to events has led to his downfall but perhaps we should ask whether or not other have contributed. What if Friar Lawrence hadn't married them in the hope that when the families find out they might make peace? What about Tybalt's rashness and the Nurse's dabbleings? What if Romeo where older and able to rationalise his feelings? The question are many but an over-riding greater theme that tends to run through all of Shakespeare's plays, to varying degrees, is the mismatch of the emotional heart with the rational mind. In Romeo and Juliet we see this played out to tragic consequences. Good Luck, Andy

03-22-2007, 04:37 PM
yea i definatly agree with the fact hes too quick..
i have to write the same paper..
u have some good points

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im doin the same essay i rote dat he falls in loove too quickly impulsive and is stubborn but above all im usin the jane shaffer method grrrr man i find this esssay hard and need help:crash::(

05-23-2009, 05:30 PM
hey, I know it isn't as important as the theme of your essay, but you might want to give it a thorough grammar check before you hand it in. For example (especially since this is an english assignment), you need to write words like could've and didn't etc. in their full form, so could have and did not. hope this helps!!