View Full Version : Whether he was Christian

Sean G. Fogarty
01-22-2006, 10:53 AM
I think that he was Christian in that his thinking was effected by the faith which led to the beliefs that Real Estate Designer states, whether or not they may seem overly didactic to Unregistered. Personally, I have the feeling as I read this that H. G. Wells is trying to argue for the supremacy of Christ in the Trinity, as if it were a vulgar sports match! (I use 'were' thusly to signify the subjunctive -- substitute 'was' if you prefer.) I am disappointed in that from his biography I find more of a kindred spirit than in his religious beliefs. Perhaps I can try for another point-of-view and consider him to be apologetic for his religious bias. I would much prefer that.

I am surprised at his statement that his belief is not Christianity at all. I wonder if this leads to where he refers in the eighth sentance to "Christian churches" which I take to mean the buildings because it is not capitalized. In this context it would surely more likely refer to the institutions which should rightly have capitalized initial letters. Am I merely ignorant in this matter?

When I read this, I identify the Veiled Being with the Spirit which he passes over as being 'invented'. There is a clash at the end of a long essay exonifying the God of the Heart when he seemingly derisively turns around on death unendurable and calls it egotism. In the end he rests not with the Reedemer God who we will only meet at the end, but with what is identified with God in him. That means now, does it not? That to me is better described as the Veiled Being, and it is that alternation which I see as characteristic of Christian 'thinking' (as opposed to 'deeds' which are of course inascertainable here) which the writer so boldly and foolishly claims to transcend when he writes, "The writer will be found to be sympathetic with all sincere religious feeling."

Though I can not make sense of it, I write as if someone can make sense of my confusion at his. Is this foolishness or religion?