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01-06-2006, 12:53 AM
well i read the post about how all these books are prolly just worthless nothings.
but if anyone knows anything at all about this book, i would appreciate any and all help just to lay to rest the mysteria surrounding this book.

first off its bound in red leather. there is no title on the cover yet "Tales from Shakespeare" is incribed in gold on the spine surrounded by a flowery design.
very curious: on the cover is a metal trinket design thing that is embedded into the center of the cover.
On about the second blank page, the signature "Warren C. Sylvester" is dated Nov 30, 1906. I assume this was the owner of the book as people would sign the inside of books when they recieved them as gifts (back in the day)

On the title page is written, well, the title by charles and mary lamb, the publisher:Thomas Y. Crowelland Company Publishers, but no publish date.
this edition includes an introduction by "The Rev. Alfred Ainger, M.A."

The only clue I am given to the books date is Rev. Ainger's introduction which is dated 1878.
this saddenned me because it ruled out the possibilty of this book being a first edition from 1807. but I am bound and detmerined to figure this book out.

however, this particular edition of the book has seemed to drop off the map as I have gotten nowhere in locating it on the internet.

so if anyone has anything to say about this book, please email me at [email protected]