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05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
Hiya, <br>We had to study Silas Marner and I'm in the process of writing the coursework essay itself (it's in for tomorrow!) I must say though that the cronology of the novel is irritatingly mangled! Whole pages of no real importance spring from no-where, the story is told in the wrong order and the language used at the beginning of the book is mind-blowingly pompous! We can all write in such a complex and far-fetched way i believe but it makes the novel sooooo much more hard-going than it has to be. Sorry I'm just really mad at the whole novel at the moment.<br>P.S. Has anyone seen the film they made? It's terrible, we make home-movies at school and even they're up to a better standard than that was. Watch it though if you haven't already, it's funny.