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05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
The principles of the prince by machiavelli stands today also.I believe that you can't rule the corridors of power until and unless you use all the so called bad tricks. the prince is the ultimate authority and he must rule with a iron fist. All talk of democracy and giving power in the hands of people is a big farce ... the biggest con of all times. Unfortunately there are not many who believe this. they want to live in their so called sweet homes and happy life unaware of the fact that they are being manipulated and used by other people who have the ability to see through the haze and have the ability to decieve them.<br> what happens in reality is this.. US is the epitome of democracy and freedom. people there CHOOSE their leader and consider themselves powerful. I agree fully with one of the writers that president is THE PRINCE. Many of his decisions are beyond reason. And in the future he will take many more....