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05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
I had to choose a summer reading book for my AP English class and decided on this. I had the list of books, read numerous summaries, and felt that this book seemed the most interesting and, (plus!) it was short. I figured that I had picked a relatively easy book. All I can say about that is I was completely wrong! This was one of the most challenging books I have ever read. All of the sexual connotations really threw me for a loop. It is very interesting to try to figure out and analyze all of the hidden meanings within the text. It can be rather frustrating at times when he doesn't come right out and tell you, "This is why..." and I wish I had more time to play with it and dig a little deeper but, alas! my speech is due too soon for the depth that I wish to explore so I will have to wait for my chance. <br><br>I highly reccomend this book but don't read it for plot; the underlying meanings are much more exciting than the story!