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05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
If you liked the book, watch The Innocents. Watch that movie even if you did not like book. It is black and white, but that does not mar the wonderful effect. So many wrong things about that movie...BDSM for one :)<br><br>What shall I sing to my lord from my window? <br>What shall I sing, for my lord will not stay? <br>What shall I sing, for my lord will not listen? <br>Where shall I go, for my lord is away? <br><br>Who shall I love when the moon is arisen? <br><br>Gone is my lord, and the grave is his prison. <br>What shall I say when my lord comes a calling? <br>What shall I say when he knocks on my door? <br>What shall I say when his feet enter softly, leaving the marks of his grave on my floor? <br><br>Enter my lord, come from your prison. <br>Come from your grave, for the moon has arisen!" <br><br>-- Miles to Peter Quint <br> -- The Innocents