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becky dickson
05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
The whole point of reading this book is too read one of the first ever novels. This novel was one of the first of its kind so it is interesting to see how the novels had evolved since this first book. It is likely that Defoe wrote this book in one go with little or no editing which is why there are so many ambiguities.<br> It is hard to read because information is given to us in a conversational manner, not in the constructed and considered way we normally receive in books. <br> I enjoyed this book becuase the plot line is really very good and exciting. The book is a little cheapened by the whoring which he probably only put it in to gain readers, and the ending is tacked on and a little obvious and simple. <br> Its really about the struggle for survival, what length will people go to to survive economically. Defoe himself was bankrupt so i feel the issue is vbery close to his heart and he wrote this book to express his feeling on the subject. <br> The man wrote for money which i have to respect!

01-25-2007, 03:20 PM
I really must challenge you on your interpretation of Moll Flanders. Yes, it was written to talk about the harshness of poverty, but it is much much more. It also is talking about WOMAN's power, which is about nil. She was reduced to whoring because their was nothing else for her to do. He did not add this to gain readers! That is one of the most contreversial things in the book! Maybe now sex is added in everything because we like it, but back then, the most you said about sex is that you had a child. Also, he did not do this to gain money because it would be so heavily boycotted and their wouldn't be much in it for him. This is one of the first, if not THE first, books to have a woman in a bad position and not have it be her fault. Yes, she did not have to keep stealing but the threat of hunger was so real and so terrifying that she could not imagine putting herself in that danger (not to mention the fact that she is also vain and proud). :crash:

03-29-2007, 08:23 AM
It is one of the first examples of novel genre.And it tells the first feminist point of view in 18th century. Think a woman in 18th century who achieves success.She has an ambition: to be a gentlewoman. And she does her everything to achieve her goal. Suppose a woman in 18th century patriarcial, male dominant society.Woman was viewed as a second rate citizen, she was only responsible of childcare, household choirs, being an ideal wife and housewife. But Moll is not under this umbrella definition.She is an utsider figure. She has differnt tasks to accomplish. For the sake of her ambition she neglects her social responsibilities evev she ignores her own children.

Ambition, perseverance, determination is the fundamental theme in the novel.
Of course money..
Moral ambiquity is again the most eminent,controlling theme.the reader is confused while reading.
After Robinson Cruose Moll Flanders is among my favorites...