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05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
Even though many people call Moll Flander a dirty harlot with no morals and completely dismiss Daniel Defoe's work, more credit shoudl be given to the novel and the author. I do no deny the fact that Moll was a prostitute, who sold her body for wealth, which was very wrong. However, in a way, I see the life of Moll as a strong will to survive in the time of 1700s. It was obvious from the novel that the pauperz (women especially) did not receive much respect, for they did not possess any virtue, wealth, or reputation. But, the reason why I give more credit to Moll Flanders than a "whore" is her reasonable urge and brilliant, cunning characteristics that she was able to develop throughout the story. <br> First of all, she cleverly found some strategy to control men by understanding their nature. For instance, when Moll's friend's marriage was about to fall apart, Moll helped her to pull it back together; Moll disagraded 'the husband' with scandals and gossip to increase her friend's credit. Successfully, the plan worked out. Also, to prove my point that Moll was witty; she manipulated her third husband (before they got married) for which he knew of her as a rich noble woman. Without overtly lying, she kind of gave clues with her amazing words (so he won't accuse her for lying) wihtout losing him. And secondly, it was astonishing how she survived through her loneliness after so many heart break-ups. Though, she came through; she became more independent, stronger, and smarter after marriage and another. And, later, she no longer had to depend upon her luck and her powerful wealthy friends, but her wits. <br> Honestly, who would want to read a book of a prostitute? And, I totally agree. However, after reading this novel, I was able to broaden my eyes; I was able to view a life that was so different than mine. And, I believe that's why this novel intrested me the most: its ability to soak me up into a different life. Clearly perhaps, many people criticize Daniel Defoe for writing such a literature with practically no theme. (like what is he trying to say? adultery leads to wealth?) .. But, the way how he specifically narrowed it down and made Moll Flander's life realistic, and not to forget his incredible way to express the one's own need to be witty and sharp, was a true remarkable talent.