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05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
I thought the story was good, but very frustrating because of the so many unlikely coincidences that happen to Tess. It seemed as though the narrator just kept setting her up for downfall. Everytime i think she would do something good for herself like when she went to see Angels parents for money after their seperation, or writing Angel that she had had an affair with Alek before the wedding, or when she went to work at flintcomb ash and the man she was working for was the man angel punched; she seemed to have the worst possible scenerio happen to her. The theme of fate I found very predominent througout but the fact that she had so many devastating coincidences makes this story hard to digest, you could see seh was going to die butthe question of how lingered. But the story was very strong in portraying womens rights during the time (they had none) and the idea's of a fallen women (after she was raped) was very thought provoking. Good book but hard read.