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05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
I read the Idiot a few days back. If Crime and Punishment revealed the inner sanctum of the human mind and the mind's objectives, the Idiot only reveals the first nature of mind. I mean, the shape of mind by itself.<br><br>The prince's liking for kids only shows that grown-ups put forth an unnecessary cloak of being grown-up. It is a circle that grown-ups like to draw around themselves so that they can form a "peer" group. This "peer" group is only age driven. The circle is vicious because it conditions the mind to accept certain things and deny certain other things without even giving a rightful chance for those things that are denied. Treating kids as being "kiddish" is one among them. This work of Dostoevsky checks that attitude righteously.<br><br>Each event in the book has a lot of learning in store. The only prerequisite is the alertness of the reader to grab these wisdom matters.<br><br>I also think the alertness required should be available in abundance in someone who chooses to read Dostoevsky's works.<br><br>As the legendary Akira Kurosawa had stated, if there si anyone who looked miseries of life, face to face, it would only be Dostoevsky.