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05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
I as well thought this was a great book. The plot summary for this book would have to be either very long or very short, and if one goes into one of the minor events in the book, they would as well have to go into all of the rest. Myshkin was obviously representing the Christ, although in some ways his simplicity did make him seem more of merely an idiot. For example, he remarks near the beginning that he will not take a wife, but later offers proposals at three separate occasions. It is clear he is unsure of himself and is unable to decide at some points what is proper or not for him to do. I think the real underlying theme in this book is the corruption of society. Myshkin began in a mental institution, although there is very little evidence of any mental-disease in him throughout the narrative, and shows himself to be innocent, compassionate, trusting and loving. It is only the corrupted nature of the world around him that drives to his downfall. Rogozhin's murder of Natasya, her unfaithfulness, and everyone else's selfish and malicious intentions combine to result in the downfall of this 'Christ-like' figure. It is only this, the evil in the world, that makes Myshkin to seem as an idiot...because he shows compassion and allows forgiveness and second chances for those who we think do not deserve them.