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05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
After I started to reading the Idiot and got to the point where in 5th and 6th Chapter Myshkin tells stories first about a prisoner about to be executed and an outcast village girl Maria, I already realised that I am about to experience a truly monumental piece of art. These little episodes are so much out of this world, so strange like the character of Myshkin and at the same time utterly human searching for the limits of a human soul and mind within society. Right in the beginning the novel raises the vital questions of humankind. How much beautiful? How much idle, vain, idiotic, smart? How much good is there in Nastasya, Aglaya, Ippolit, Gana and in each of us?<br><br>The storytelling is dynamic, with sudden twists, people changing their minds constantly so you never know what the next page will bring you and what any of the character is capable of. And the characters do surpass all the expectations the reader might have of how far they will go.<br><br>It is frustrating that Myshkin almost finds his way in the society, people start to respect him and he has to loose this position in such a foolish "idiotic" way as going for Nastasya. Lizateva Propfevna is funny! I loved her harsh remarks.<br><br>Sorry this comment is not more structured, but there is so much to say about this amazing psychological novel that in this form I can just make a few enthousiastic outcries. Can anyone reccomend me anything at least comparable to This?