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01-21-2005, 04:53 PM
what i'm going to say is thematic perfection and relevance of the novel to the modern world of ours which is ,ala, charged with avarice and materiality. Capitalism seems to override us if it goes unchecked; people tend to suffocate their fellows thru malacious urge for money, and not love or humanitarian consideration. Humanity, if at all found, is falling to the dustbin as it were. Prince or nonprince has nowhere to live , nobody to love, and tragically nothing to say indeed. The tragedy of art of Dostoevsky is the the nasty illusion has turned into the harsh reality for us, it seems.////

05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
I would agree with many others that you somehow start to despise/hate Myshkin near the end of the story. Why? Probably because he is so naive (as is mentioned numerous times in the novel), and because he gives up a astoundingly pretty girl (Aglaya) for another pretty girl (Nastasya) so he can be wedded to her. But she (nastasya) runs through the crowd to Rogozhin. He should have known something was going to happen like that, because Nastasya had already run away from Rogozhin many times before when they were about to get married. He later even admitted that he feared something like that was going to happen. I have to agree with Lizaveta Prokofievna thoughts throughout many times in the novel; that Myshkin is somewhat of a idiot. But all the same, when the latter falls sick and seems to have "complete destruction of the mental facilities".