View Full Version : A book for every age and nationality

05-24-2005, 06:03 PM
I am neither American nor English so I want you to forgive me my grammar and spelling mistakes.I am a teenager and you may think that it is rediculous to comment such an incredible book.But in my opinion ''Martin Eden" is a book for every nationality and age if you have a heart and a soul to understand its problems.This book touches you deeply and makes you think about what really worths living for and dying for.After you had read it you asked a lot of quuuestions yourself.For example"Did I make my best choice for work?I earn a lot of money but my heart is not here.I am dreaming for other job less paid but more close to me.Are reach and famous people so rich,happy and intellegent as they look.Or they are even more otdinary than us.They may have money but their souls may be empty."And many questions like these ones.After years they will be different and I will laugh myself.But I am sure this book will always be a part of my soul and will keep me asking questions and searching their answers because this is the point of life.