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05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
I read this book from a suggestion from the Algebra 2 Teacher. He let me borrow his copy because he noticed my growing interest in Buddhism. I began to read it and I must admit that I found the first chapter somewhat uneventful. As I read the book more I couldnt put it down. It took me a day or two to read and I must admit the endign of the book had brought water to my eyes from the beautiful things Siddhartha said and thought. <br><br>This book has made me think about who I really am and because of this book I have found why I follow no particular religion.<br><br>I think that every young person should read this and I really do wish I had the opprotunity to read this book as an english assignment (previous post). <br><br>This book is full of insight and after returning it to my Algebra teacher I have ordered it to keep and plan on ordering the DVD soon.<br><br>Enjoy<br>Steel