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05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
woderer through life...wonderer through thoughts...wonderer through struggle...wonderer through peace...wonderer through books and great writings...like every other on this world!<br>everyone says this magnificent book has extraordinary answers and marvellous ideas...<br>i say that the extraordinary answers and marvellous ideas one is looking for are a part of oneself. and by reading magnificent books, one is able to discover what is already stored in ones mind, in the light one chooses to put the new knowledge...<br>everyone says that this book must be read for the light that it brings...<br>i say that the light lies within oneself and the book only makes one aware of the light one is trusted with at birth...<br>the river, the religion, the life, the society provide one with numerous choices about what, which or who can be the reason, the purpose, the great truth of all...but only according to ones previous storage can they have any influence and make any difference...<br>everyone praises this book for what it posesses...<br>i praise this book for what it awakes...<br><br>