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05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
question: Is one able to be enlightened in this day and age in the same way Siddhartha was enlightened?<br><br>I think about that myself. First of all-to leave all your material possessions behind and just walk away with nothing-no money-is that really possible today? I mean, people used to give people food if they showed up at their door hungry-try that nowadays! Go knock on someone's door and tell them you're hungry and see what happens. I mean, we have people that go to church and then walk right by someone lying on the street without even asking them if they're alright. I think if a person was really serious about seeking, I think it's possible. I mean people do utterly amazing things everyday. Most people have forgotten the things that man is capable of. They are too busy worried about their money and if they can afford to buy the new plasma tV they saw at the mall. I do however think it would be extremely difficult-I mean differently than seeking is anyway. The laws-there was always crime, but it's different now. I think people used to steal more because they were poor. Now people break in and steal someone's stereo and then go home to their parents house and eat a hearty meal and blow the money they made on some new sneakers. I think anything is possible if you want it and nothing else-if you do it and dont' give up. You would have to find some way to make allowances for the difference in society and the age. I honestly dont' know how you'd get along with no money. If you are healthy and dont' mind sleeping on the street-I dont 'know. Do you have to give up everything to seek? Buddha did and that's one of the tenets-is to do away with material possessions-or maybe it's enough to do away with the DESIRE of possessions and simply use money as a tool. Work jobs, travel around, meet people, experience life, just using money as a tool for food and lodging. Or trade work for it. That might be a way-of course I'm talking about the practical aspects of your question. As far as the spiritual aspect or philosophical aspect-well, like I said-I think anything is possible-if you are healthy and committed.