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05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
There should be no doubt in the mind of the reader that Siddhartha is the simple life story of Hesse and the fortune of those captured by it..It is an opportunity to unveil the anxst of tiresome analysis of religious, revival and carnival truths about the higher search for self awareness and salvations..Is it making a point, no, it is offering a path, one that the author has taken, only to find himself alone with the answer, that all that we search for is already around us, it is merely the act of looking, it is in the plants and the trees and the rivers and the stars, it is not really in the fabrications generated by those who want to liberate us from the mysteries of inventions in the hand of an unresolved benefactor..if we look, if we listen, if we search, we will find the answers to our quests, but we must look at home first, around us, inside ourselves and become comfortable with what we see before we can explore other regions, or we create conflict..in the philology of his work, there is a tone, which of itself is liberating and only comes (through translation or not) from a warrior who has been there, come back to the very place he had never left, to find what he was never really looking for, but through which he can now rest easy within himself...