View Full Version : A must read one!

Phuleria Hari C.
05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
I read this book couple of month before. As I am a regular reader of books it just happened that i came across this book when one of my Professor mentioned about it and told me to have a look on it. it is a quite absorbing piece of literature by Hess and required lot of mulling over to get the slighest of it. it took me three readings to understand the message that Hess aimed through SIDDHARTHA.<br>It is a marvellous book and a must read to all and sundry interested in reading. It provokes us to envisage the magnificient way of learning- learning from nature- learning from river.<br>Though i have more doubts after reading this book about so many things yet it has increased my appetite for 'non-conventional' knowledge and add few other perspectives to my usual way of seeing things.<br>