View Full Version : Colonial Man's Error

05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
<br><br>Conrad details the white European's error of colonizing a jungle land infested with the "spirit" of darkness, which is the wild, untamed, and uncivilized antithesis of structured western society. The "darkness" of the jungle slowly overpowers and defeats all white men who foolishly venture into its depths. Kurtz, and then Marlow, slowly capitulate to this uncivilized darkness and eventually turn into savage and evil shadows of their former selves. Kurtz plainly glories in his uncivilized savagery, while Marlow resists to the very end, holding on to some shred of western civilization and refusing to let the darkness convert him into the complete beast that was Kurtz. A truly excellent commentary on the European's colonial folly, heavily influenced by Konrad's experiences while working for British trade companies on the rivers of Africa and South America.