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05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
For those who did not explicitly state, I assume it is the unabridged version that you have read.<br><br>I also assume that it is the english version translated from Russian.<br><br>For me, I read the translation by Rosemary Edmond (Penguin Classics). <br><br>What I enjoyed most from War & Peace was the way Tolstoy allowed the reader to 'peer' into the minds of each of his main characters, to understand the rationale for their specific words and actions. I do not know of an author who does this at the level he does. I speculate that he must have been a great observer of human behaviour. What a powerful and creative mind indeed. <br><br>A regret is that I will probably never have a level of mastery of the Russian language to be able to re-read this great literary work in its original language. That would be facinating indeed!