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05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
hi, i'd just like to say that i think this novel is really great, although i agree with Charlotte that this is a very drawn out book, and one must read quite far along to appreciate it. i think her descriptions were really great, wish i could write like her! on anoother point, i think this book really left a lasting impact on me. i first read this when i was fourteen, i till now, i still think its great!<br><br>um, also, i've recently done an assignment on this book, and i'm not very sure if anyone would like me to post it here? its not much really, just my thoughts on a few themes in the book.<br><br>the actual assignment was: "write a letter to the author of the book. In your letter, express your opinions about and the reactions to the themes in the book. You may also comment on his treatment of these themes."<br><br>wish i could get everyone to read this book, cos i think its really a great piece of work!<br><br>charmaine<br>15 yrs