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05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
I thought that Jane Eyre was an excruciatingly boring novel. The characters strung together by Charlotte Bronte were wonderful examples of human characteristics, but the novel was slow in some places and slower in others. The most exciting parts of the novel are more than half way through when the writer has lost most of its prospective audience. I had to read this book in English class in the 8th grade and while I will concede with all of you that it is a wonderful piece of Victorian literature, that is all many, many people will see it as. <br> Jane Eyre as a character is totally and completely pathetic and not many will be able to see the overcomer within her because of her listless complaints about how horrible her life is, was, and will probably always be. Mr. Rochester, well, he is the basic example of male condtitioning in our society. He plays Jane like a card and then expects her to stay around after the discovery of Bertha Mason. When she leaves, he is distraught, she then comes back and they live "happily ever after". Why some people would enjoy the book, I could see, but if you can't stomach the idea of 14+ chapters of people who would probably be on some daytime talk show if they lived in our day and age, avoid Jane Eyre at all costs. For those of you who prefer to be bored out of their skulls by a mundane, tedious novel, then go ahead and read Jane Eyre. <br> I do have one very good thing to say about Jane Eyre though, it was clearly planned and organized befor it was written and its timeless "lessons" have continued to stay within our society.