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05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
I am in Year 11 and i'm coming up to my GCSE's. For my english coursework i had to read Jane Eyre. At first i thought it would of been a boring book, but once i had read a few pages i was compelled to read on. I think Charlotte Bronte is a real iinspiration, she takes tragic moments in her life and makes them in to a interesting, gothic romance novel. Every character in the book have interesting personalities, but i lifed Jane's charater the most.I admired her passion, strength, independance, love and loyalty. I love the way Charlotte Bronte leads up to mystifying secrets, that makes u want to read on. This book is by far the most intriguing book fromt he 19th century that i have read, and i'd recomend it to anybody who's interested in reading.<br>