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05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
Just finished reading this book, and then read some of the comments on this website.<br>Good to see that it is still being enjoyed and that it still communicates to people beyond the actual plot line something about man, nature, the uses of intelligence, friendship, even rehabilitation of a pirate. <br>Yes some descriptions of chemical processing can seem overly detailed, but then that's what the genre is about - "science" fiction. Even Star Trek does the same thing - only it's is techno-babble about warp engines. You either like it or you dont - but it is the norm for SF author to explain 'how' things work.<br>That's one of the big differences between SF and fantasy/magic.<br>Amazingly I see noone has really complained about the charcters being 'too good to be true' - but then the author's focus wasnt an exploration of the negative dynamics of a human group as the triumph of human intelligence and civilisation even in a "start from zero" situation. In that respect it has a sort of naive charm.<br>It certainly highlights the contrast of optimism, of giving of self for the group that people had back then to the cynicism and selfishness so rampantly portrayed, if not glorified, in today's books and movies.

08-15-2008, 03:32 PM
Yes,I aggree with you. I've had this book for nearly 30yrs since the age of 12, and it is a book that still resonates with me on so many levels. The triumph over adversity through working together for the common good, utillising the skills of everyone for the good of all, that everyone has something they can contribute is a concept lost in todays world.
I also believe that the concept of karma, and living by good values, that what goes around comes around, runs strongly throughout the book through the character of Captain Nemo. Nemo being the mysterious force on the island that does for the colonists what they couldn't do for themselves. The colonists showed themselves to be honest ,hard working ,humble and forgiving souls and deserving of a helping hand, which Nemo provided.
In today's society it's " I want,I want, I want" without doing anything to earn it, or,as you point out ,selfishness.
It is a fantastic book, and love the detail, its brilliant. I love the bit where they find the longitude and latitude of the island, truly amazing!
I really liked you comments. Thankyou.