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  1. News
  2. Smoking vs Drinking
  3. homeschooling
  4. What's wrong with being naked?
  5. how happy are you
  6. Personal and Anonymous
  7. The Economic Crisis and your holiday plans for 2009
  8. Piracy and how to deal with it.
  9. Pandemic
  10. Wonderful World
  11. Is History important?
  12. Question about love...
  13. Job Applications and emails ( in other words HELP!!)
  14. Anti-school sentiment
  15. Evolution
  16. Is serious cat serious
  17. Required Treatment for Cancer Patient?
  18. Architecture and you.
  19. The Internet
  20. Legalisation of drugs: yes or no?
  21. Technology and happiness
  22. Euthanasia
  23. Freedom of Speech... "I think.. "
  24. Materialism, spirituality and beyond
  25. Death of old values: ethical, societal and economic beliefs
  26. The Time-Traveling Grandma Killer: A Paradox
  27. Bury the past; for it deadens the present
  28. Is love unadulterated? And a myth?
  29. Do animals laugh and weep?
  30. Advertisement, Pop Culture, Eugenics
  31. Child witches in Nigeria
  32. Karem Abdul Jabbar
  33. Do you believe dreams?
  34. Happiness comes Spontaneously or thru efforts
  35. Is death the end of man’s existence?
  36. Is Darwinism enough to understand human origin?
  37. Unseen dimensions of truth
  38. How do you imagine the story when you read?
  39. Do animals love as deeply as humans?
  40. Universal Health Care (UHC)
  41. Psychiatrist , Pscychologist, Psychoanalyst???
  42. New World Order
  43. Prostitution
  44. Burka
  45. Prostitutiohn vs civil society
  46. Psychoanalysis
  47. Something for you to sink your teeth in to, and maybe shed a tear..
  48. The dilemma of a moral science teacher
  49. Racism
  50. How long does your happiness last?
  51. Are we bubbles?
  52. want to be immortal?
  53. Kids By the Dozen
  54. Toys (Defining Your Youth?)
  55. Is man a killer?
  56. Youth and the Law
  57. Do animals know about death?
  58. Are Human Beings Inherently Evil?
  59. Feminism
  60. How wisely can time be managed?
  61. Laws favor the mighty few, do not help the disadvantaged?
  62. Is man a common name for both man and woman?
  63. What is thinking outside of the box? Is there anybody out there to explain this to me
  64. Where do you get your news from?
  65. Is it rude to pray for someone of different beliefs?
  66. Parental Advice
  67. Cartoon Controversy 2.0
  68. The power of the pen or computer?
  69. Reading speed and IQ
  70. Are we really free, liberated in truth?
  71. Gender and Violence
  72. smoking is bad, right?
  73. Are we genetically apes, chimpanzees?
  74. Man is a real brute, irreligious and amoral at the unconscious level. Do you agree?
  75. Is negativity critical, cool, and courageous?
  76. Writing unboundedly
  77. Equality, Discrimination and Equal Opportunities
  78. church and state
  79. Organized religions
  80. How open minded are we?
  81. How do you define achievement?
  82. The Road less travelled
  83. the value of faith
  84. Is love true?
  85. The Internet Is Altering Our Brains
  86. Are animals moral?
  87. Who can tell me why?
  88. Celibates and Hypocrites
  89. Humans as objects of commerce
  90. American Education
  91. Copyright
  92. 21st December, 2012
  93. Questions that never got answered…
  94. This is why I'm an anti-natalist
  95. Is infidelity wrong?
  96. Any suggestions?
  97. Conscience Vs Law
  98. Paying for "it"...
  99. Cultural Identity
  100. This is so freaking wrong!
  101. China incline USA decline?
  102. Book Ratings
  103. Teenage Violence
  104. Late Bloomers
  105. He who controls the past controls the future.
  106. Eugenics
  107. the painter Raphael
  108. What's wrong with teenage pregnancy?
  109. Islam and Google...
  110. Haitian Earthquake
  111. Are natural disasters acts of God?
  112. All opinios welcomed
  113. It is difficult to come to terms with the idea of nothingness...
  114. How to Not Waste Your Life?
  115. Why are children expected to obey their parents
  116. British Protest Song Against 'New World Order'
  117. Would a Sane Man...
  118. how to gather friends...?
  119. Creationism vs. Evolution...
  120. Should school be compulsory?
  121. Dawin's Regret
  122. Is it the Duty of every citizen to participate in the political system.
  123. a phone
  124. Woman aiming to be world's fattest
  125. School Dress Codes? Uniforms?
  126. How do I keep from spoiling my child?
  127. Consenual Servitude
  128. Funding the humanities in higher education
  129. Remarkable Ideas on Earth/Sun Relationship
  130. The Earth is FIXED in Space
  131. The Fraudulent Life of Albert Einstein and Relativity
  132. Religion, Sex and Vulgarity
  133. Games That Teach Terrorism!!
  134. William Marrion Branham (1909-65)
  135. Who is Ashamed of This ?
  136. How Many Zeroes is a Trillion ???
  137. Dinosaurs.
  138. Divorce
  139. Culture and Caveat
  140. Should students always think on their own?
  141. Creationism/Noa vs Evolution/Dinosaurs
  142. When does freedom of speech go to far?
  143. Online Communities
  144. Modern Monuments
  145. Are animals homosexuals?
  146. Is violence "fun"?
  147. Chemtrail Flights Radio Tracked in England
  148. Why do People Cheat?
  149. Freemasonry and the Illuminati
  150. Hold'em
  151. Is fidelity the real worth of a virtuous woman?
  152. Why monogamy??
  153. "South Park" Speech on Fear and Intimidation Cut
  154. School: discrimination
  155. Conformity or Non-confirmity - you decide
  156. 'Cuddle' spray to make men more loveable.
  157. Gender Roles
  158. Book Piracy
  159. 'Climate Change' - Facts and Fictions
  160. Suicide and Euthanasia
  161. Women Die Younger When With Younger Men
  162. Is an Untrue Belief that Inspires Good Better than a Truth?
  163. What would you do if you ONLY had 3 months to live?
  164. Do you believe in Reincarnation?
  165. Understanding Time
  166. Nuclear Power - yea or nay?
  167. Is morality objective?
  168. The Greatest Scientific Breakthrough Ever?
  169. Friendship and Privacy .
  170. How are Americans Pioneers?
  171. I cant imagine when I read.
  172. Overuse of a crutch can damage?
  173. The Noble Lie
  174. Jealousy
  175. Why Evolution is True
  176. Is There such a thing as Free Will?
  177. Stepford Wives?
  178. Should Freedom of Speech Ever be Limited?
  179. Freedom of religion: Where do you draw the line?
  180. Confederate Flag
  181. A Video Rendering of Every Nuclear Bomb Explosion Until 1998
  182. The FINAL Thread on what "atheist/m" actually means!
  183. Religion and War
  184. Have You Ever Had An Existential Crisis?
  185. Do you think prejudice stems from self-hatred?
  186. social justice etc. - a preoccupation of the middle class?
  187. hippies, drugs etc. - would it work if everyone was a hippie?
  188. Healthy Food?! You Communist!
  189. To marry or not to marry!
  190. Is the first motive of marriage physical relationship?
  191. transhumanism/bionics - would you do it?
  192. Moon is Shrinking
  193. The sun does flipped
  194. Reaction about Discrimination
  195. Biblical Literalism
  196. Is the White Male Under Attack?
  197. Does the thought of death make you unhappy over and over again?
  198. Why Beauty Matters... and does it?
  199. Love is not a powerful emotion ruled by caprice
  200. Free Flights Subject to NASA Approval ?
  201. How true is this!
  202. Post Postmodernism: What stuff is this?
  203. Self Aware
  204. Has the internet revolution brought people closer or pushed them further apart?
  205. Do you think you would be happy in a perfect life?
  206. Addiction Verus Love For a Child?
  207. Cheerleaders in Hockey? Dear God, NO!!!
  208. UFOs
  209. What do you do for a career/job, and do you find it fulfilling?
  210. Art for --- sake??
  211. Meltup
  212. Do you like libraries?
  213. The Cost of "Art" vs. Basic Human Needs
  214. Abortion Limit in the UK up to Six Months?
  215. Escaping "The Surround of Force": How the Arts and Humanities Can Defeat Poverty
  216. Do you believe in horoscopes?
  217. Are you with or against?Should couples with children to be divorced?
  218. Erotic Literature
  219. What's the correct ettiquette about getting a book signed?
  220. Save the Book!
  221. Socrates dissatisfied or a pig satisfied?
  222. Wall Street Journal
  223. On the uses of a liberal education as lite entertainment for bored college students..
  224. Teen Birth-rate Hits All-time Low
  225. Art cheats?
  226. Anyone else have this fear?
  227. Formatting urls in articles
  228. Edward 8,Duke of Windsor
  229. Image from Japan Power Stations 18/3
  230. Is Our Culture Ready for the Trashcan?
  231. The Sky Is Falling In - Part 94
  232. Are music and cinema replacing the functions of religion?
  233. Two (More) Examples of How the Arts Can Help Conquer Poverty
  234. Claiming to be atheist, but..
  235. OK so here's another argument - fact vs beliefs
  236. The Most Important People in History
  237. Voluntary Childlessness
  238. Why are many leaders evil?
  239. Three Cups of Deceit
  240. Do you give beggars money?
  241. Are people homeless by choice or circumstance?
  242. Wrongful conception
  243. The death of Bin Laudin
  244. Why Plagiarism is Wrong
  245. Evolution of Civilization?
  246. "Differential Tuition": A Safety Net for Colleges or Another Obstacle for the Poor?
  247. Lazy to the core people
  248. What is maturity?
  249. Woody Allen’s Pessimism?
  250. Reading and Introversion