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  1. My strength is as the strength of ten
  2. The True Measure Of Our Wealth...
  3. Isaac Asimov?
  4. Uncle Tom's Cabin
  5. quote from Utopia?
  6. LOOK in here for the biggest surprise ever!!!!!!!!
  7. Who said: "the 4th World War will be fought with sticks and
  8. Eulogies for children/daughter
  9. power corrupts...
  10. Who wrote it?
  11. Better to have loved and lost
  12. What does mazzolato mean? It's in The Counte of Monte Cristo
  13. What is your favorite quote? And why?
  14. Who said: "the 4th World War will be fought with sticks and
  15. Musketeers motto?
  16. foggy quote, unknown author
  17. Foggy passage...
  18. Jane Eyre
  19. Who said: Human is the only animal that blushes,or needs to?
  20. Who said
  21. Need author fast
  22. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few
  23. Need help with Les Miserables Quote
  24. help, who said this??
  25. Quotes doubt
  26. Man and Animal
  27. My dad's favorite quote
  28. looking4 japanese or chinese poem from chidhood
  29. john milton- heavan and hell
  30. OK, Who Said This?
  31. charles Darwin
  32. Who said ...
  33. Who said/wrote these famous words?
  34. Who wrote- Love once shared bridges the gap forever.
  35. who said, "The more laws a society has, the more corrup
  36. Roses, roses all the way.
  37. Twain Quote
  38. Last words in famous diary
  39. Kind Hearts are as Coronets
  40. Ignorance is Bliss
  41. When you're tired from work, different work is rest
  42. Fairy-tale "My earrings, I've lost them in the well!&qu
  43. A mystery wrapped in an enigma
  44. Wa~~~~ that's great
  45. Quote
  46. Does Anyone Know Who Said.....
  47. I've got yer famous quote right here, pal!
  48. Discretion is the better part of valour
  49. Chinese Squabble (Read Swap Scrabble)
  50. Rebellion of the body
  51. if they give u lines, write sideways
  52. what's the title of this poem?
  53. Post
  54. ABC List all Qutes and Ideas Here!!!!
  55. favorite quote.
  56. Attention All: Who Wrote This?
  57. Help
  58. Interesting quote
  59. ??????????
  60. Whose line is it anyway?
  61. Where are all the good men dead?
  62. Found an interesting one
  63. Voltaire quote
  64. Thomas Jefferson Quote Origin?
  65. I could use some help please
  66. What is your opinion?
  67. Smile
  68. How men and women differ
  69. Emo Philips
  70. Could someone help me find a quote?
  71. Coleridge
  72. Quotes from Goethe's Faust
  73. Ten romantic Shakespeare lines
  74. Kahlil Gibran Quotes
  75. Censorship Quotes
  76. One of many by Einstein
  77. Rumi's Silence
  78. Help with a quote
  79. Need help with a poem...
  80. Looking for something I once read
  81. quote help
  82. Rare Nietzsche
  83. song lyric helps
  84. Towards New Shores--?
  85. Quote
  86. Quotes by users.
  87. Ovid
  88. Cicero
  89. Hugo on Shakespeare
  90. Shakespeare's Measure of Civility
  91. Who Said This Quote?
  92. This Nietzsche's quote
  93. MLK Jr.
  94. Erica Jong: On Sex
  95. Georges Bataille Quote
  96. Blaise Pascal? Giordano Bruno? Hermes Trismegistos?
  97. Do you recognize this quote?
  98. WH Auden and phantasmagoria
  99. Quotes by John "The Birdman" Bryant
  100. what exactly is this quote??
  101. ?
  102. Carpe heh heh heh...
  103. Death Bed Quotes
  104. Question about Oedipus Rex
  105. need fast answers, thanks!
  106. Does anybody recognize this quote?
  107. where is this from
  108. Evil to triumph
  109. sources of critical writing on quotes
  110. Help me
  111. Aleister Crowley
  112. "Patriotism is a virtue of the vicious."
  113. Help! Help!
  114. French author's quote on the Eiffel Tower
  115. "I woulda got away with it if it wasnt for you pesky kids"
  116. Do you know the artist? please help!
  117. God is my witness . ..
  118. Where's this from?
  119. Desperately searching....
  120. Life is a gift :)
  121. Middlemarch or The Portrait of a Lady?
  122. Where did these quotes orginate????
  123. I need to know!
  124. Funniest quotes
  125. Sherlockian Quotes
  126. Can't remember the quote verbatim or where it came from
  127. Does anybody know what poet said this....?
  128. Edgard Allen Poe Quotes
  129. Being an artist
  130. Line from the Fountainhead
  131. Couldn't agree more
  132. Help
  133. Shakespeare in Love Monologue Question
  134. "There are some things which cannot...." Hemingway
  135. A shadow as dark... as a soul could be...
  136. Life
  137. know not one house ... untroubled by some private grief
  138. A Francis Bacon quote...
  139. Has this ever been heard of?
  140. Donnie Darko
  141. William Shakespeare quotes
  142. I Think Its in the Art of War
  143. Heart of Darkess quote
  144. Looking for author and title
  145. I do not regret the things I've done, but those I did not do.
  146. Author/ quote
  147. short story locater
  148. is this familiar to you?
  149. Helps
  150. More Goethe . . .
  151. Camus Quotes
  152. Potok's The Chosen quote
  153. More classic churchill!!
  154. who said that?
  155. Shelley or not Shelley
  156. Socrates/Plato: Complaining of the Youth
  157. German language
  158. Monologues
  159. By socialist market economy definition
  160. Who said this: "all strange but thee and Me"
  161. Friend and pitcher
  162. who said...(philosopher, i believe)
  163. jcottert
  164. quote help
  165. White Oleander
  166. Plagiarism
  167. born out of love
  168. In High dudgeon
  169. bugger bogner
  170. what war poet said this and in what poem
  171. Fowey
  172. Share and Discuss Writing Quotes!
  173. HELP!! Sea Fever by John Masefields
  174. Twain???Surely Disraeli no?
  175. Who said this please?
  176. which works is this quotation from? --- Dark mind, dark heart
  177. Bruce Lee Quote Source?
  178. "For all must into Nothing fall, if it will persist in Being..."
  179. Love to share a bit of HAPPINESS
  180. Ibsen-Two ducks on a pond・・・・・・
  181. "Are you a Christian?" "No, I am a thinking man."
  182. Who does this come from ?
  183. "To know the universe....."
  184. Orwell or Marx?
  185. Quote your favourite author!!
  186. Help!
  187. Scary
  188. struggling to make sense of this quote
  189. who said...?
  190. Urgent
  191. This is, I believe, the ultimate in science-wonk quotations:
  192. Doors of happiness
  193. Rather desperate...
  194. who said nothing happens casually?
  195. ''Give me Liberty or Give me Death''
  196. help with a edward Said quote... Pleease...
  197. Burns - but what is the title?
  198. Favourite Raymond Chandler quotes
  199. This quote by Rudyard Kipling or no?
  200. Introduction
  201. "if a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a di
  202. Nietzsche
  203. Art in literature - source
  204. Question About a Quote From Posession
  205. Who said, and/or what`s the title?
  206. Does Anyone Know Where the Following Religious Quote Comes From?
  207. "All art is quite useless."
  208. World's Craziest Quotes
  209. Help me out .... Who said that and how is the quote correct?
  210. "Those who have not exploded"
  211. I need help with quotes. PLEASE
  212. Help identifying author!
  213. urgent: "Justice too long delayed is justice denied"
  214. favourite quotes from song lyrics
  215. Please identify this quote
  216. my sig
  217. Quotes on the self-determination of countries
  218. Steinbeck's Nobel Prize Banquet Speech
  219. Isn't 'quote' a verb? My teacher picked on me before on this subject before...
  220. Qoutation of the Day!!!
  221. Who said this?
  222. Where are these from???
  223. What is it called when...?
  224. I thought it was T.S. Elliot but I guess not
  225. o me ridiculum!
  226. Here's a quote I made. It's very insightful
  227. When we stand at great heights...
  228. Puzzling quotation
  229. Looking for a quote by William Blake!!!
  230. Where's this quotation from?
  231. Rene Descartes
  232. It's pretty hard to understand this... Please help me out.
  233. What do you think?
  234. Author and source search"
  235. sea or ocean quotes
  236. Andre Gide? de . . . .
  237. Edgar Allan Poe quote
  238. Describe your Bestfriend..,
  239. I'm having difficulty placing this difficult quote. (Any help or lead would be great)
  240. Nothing is like it seems to be?
  241. Looking for quote about funerals
  242. Epitaphs
  243. John Updike - Rabbit, Run - Please Help
  244. Whose is this fragment?
  245. Learning Quotes
  246. Please Help
  247. Nautical Quote Help Needed
  248. This quote is spoken by whis president of us
  249. Orly Castel-Bloom
  250. Baron Munchausen quote - help